Fallout Shelter Crossover: Saashi’s Biography

Character Description

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Saashi came from another world. As a scholar of the Khajiit, a cat-like tribe, she was dedicated to exploring and protecting ancient ruins. When she was exploring a Nord ruin as usual, she accidentally triggered a strange trap and was teleported to the world of the wasteland. Being alone, she desperately needs your help. In exchange, she is happy to share some knowledge of another world with you.



Learning always needs to be done step by step. Saashi, who just learned about the world, excitedly went to the outside world to see it.

Saashi: Cargill, I'm Cargill, and Cargill has a head like a leopard, and a tail like a leopard, so why is Cargill so different from those Red Guards? In addition, there will be other forms of life in the outside world. Wait, what's that in front of you? How can there be such a small and ugly creature! Stand still!


The weak wild creatures could no longer satisfy Saashi's curiosity, so she jumped off and went to a more dangerous area.

Blades Hero: The Cargill ahead! Stop! Don't go any further! It's dangerous ahead!

Saashi: Don't stop Cargill, Sasha sees a creature she hasn't seen before! Three Eyes!

Blades Hero: Aren't you looking for death? Such a stupid Cargill! Doesn't that mean Cargill is smart?

Saashi: Big monkey, don't run!

Blades Hero: That's not a big monkey, there are trolls in this cave!


As she learns about the world, she discovers the existence of magic, and similarly, the existence of magical creatures.

Saashi: Cargill thinks the world is amazing, and there are a lot of things Cargill doesn't know.

Blades Hero: You have studied enough creatures, almost enough, and with your temper, if I don't follow you, you won't see the sun tomorrow.

Saashi: Hey, you said, since meat lumps can produce creatures, then do you think magic will produce any creatures?

Blades Hero: Shut your cat mouth, there are magical creatures in front of you, be careful.


Since there is magic in this world, since there is a soul in this world, then...Saashi had other dangerous thoughts, so she touched this danger, as the saying goes, if you don't die, you won't die.

Saashi: Hey, dragon slayer, don't you think the creatures we killed before will have an energy emanating from their bodies when they die?

Blades Hero: That's called a soul, do you know that there is still a hell in this world? The souls of the good ones go to heaven, the bad ones go to hell and then become annihilated.

Saashi: Annihilation? What's that?

Blades Hero: That is the source of chaos in this world, the root of all evil, to be eliminated!

Saashi: That's awesome! Cargill hasn't seen it yet. Is it here?

Blades Hero: If you encounter annihilation, it's just the two of us, and they turn into ashes when they blow it, but there is a wave of soul here.

Saashi: Whoa! Great! Cargill must see you!


Saashi was obsessed with exploration and death, so she knocked on an ancient ruin.

Saashi: You've come to see why there is such a complete building underground, although it seems to be very old, it still looks very complete.

Blades Hero: It doesn't look simple, there's no war, there's no destruction, it's like being wiped out in an instant.

Saashi: This is incredible, there must be a huge secret here that may change the world!

Blades Hero: I feel something, maybe we shouldn't go on.

Saashi: Go, you go, Cargill must explore!

Blades Hero: They have accompanied you for so long, to the end, here also has the breath of the dragon, but also our Blades Hero's responsibility.


This is a trap, an ancient trap, after a series of crumbling earthquakes, followed by a spiral. Sassi and the mountain disappeared together, perhaps this also entered her dream.

Trinket Memory: Ancient Books of Magic

Saashi's treasure of ancient magical trees contain unparalleled knowledge.

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