Research Notes [Dwemer]

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

This book does not appear in game.

Continued looking into what I believe is the resonator. Still unsure if the switch I found turns it on or not, but for now I’ll just observe the make-up of such an extraordinary device. Better to make good use of my time before these dwarven contraptions decide to awaken.

Upon examining the various switches, it looks like most of them control the pitch at what something may come out if it were to be turned on. Adjusting each of the panels would most likely tune the pitch up or down to possibly create that of a musical note, or at least, that is the closest comparison I could make to what our ears here.

As expected, nothing has happened by turning the various switches to different positions. I imagine that unless the machine is activated, these will do nothing. But do I really want to chance it? These ruins are quite deep, but I fear they might be connected to the Gnisis mines above.

I’ve examined the surroundings and I’m going to activate the device. I believe these ruins are far enough away from the mines that they shouldn’t have any effect. I’ve even brought some plugs for my ears to help protect whatever comes out of it. I’ll only turn it on for but a moment to see what happens. If anything horrific begins to occur, I’ll shut it off immediately.

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