Overheard in Mistral

Released In:

“Even if you follow all the laws and pay all the fees, you’re still in danger in these waters. My brother’s got a trading ship, too; runs moon sugar and Khajiiti bead crafts all the way up to Anvil. He was headed out with a new shipment when he realizes this Sea Elf ship is trying to get his attention. He’s traded here before, so he knows what to do; he lets them come over and board, has all his papers ready, the whole show.

Some of the armed guards poke around the ship. After a bunch of talking in whatever language those damned Elves speak, the captain announces that my brother is in violation of some treaty provision and has to hand over his cargo or be taken prisoner! Can you believe it? I thought the damned treaty prevented this kind of aggression. So he does the only thing he can do for fear of his life and his crew’s; he just hands everything over. He’s trying to take it up with the mayor, but I doubt anything’s going to come of it.”

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