Overheard at the Crossroads Tavern in Belkarth

Released In:

“First the constellations fall down, and now creatures out of nightmares run wild! It was worse than any Daedra I ever saw. Shor’s bones, I swear it had the nastiest parts of every monster I’ve ever fought! And here I was thinking those welwa beasties were bad enough. When I stumbled on this thing, it was surrounded by their corpses. I watched the four-legged terror grab one and literally tear it in half. No joke!”

“It didn’t seem to be hunting for food either; it just tossed the bloody bits aside. I must’ve uttered an oath, because it turned toward me and let out a wail that’d shake any of you. I know we Undaunted aren’t supposed to show any fear, but by the Eight, I’ll admit it: I was daunted!”

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