Ordinator Edict: Mandate Sixteen

Author (in-game): Inquisitor Nivos Uveran

Let it be known:

Heterodox religious practice is hereby banned within the city limits of Vivec. This includes, but is not limited to, veneration of the Eight Apostasies, Hist sap or moon-sugar rituals, devotional Malacathian bloodsport, and Daedric rites of communion. Any citizen who takes part in such ceremonies shall be jailed and subjected to corporal reeducation. Any non-citizen who takes part in such ceremonies shall be banished or executed, depending on the severity of the infraction and the judgment of the attending Ordinator. In either case, all devotional materials and literature shall be seized and burned in the Pyres of Purification. Such is the price of blasphemy.

Keep to the Tribunal or keep silent.

Victory for the Three,
Inquisitor Nivos Uveran

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