Notes of Arcorion, High Elven Enchanter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Arcorion

As I feared, my talent is entirely wasted on the tedious work here. I have not pursued the fine art of Enchantment for all these decades to have my skills squandered by repeating the same simple processes on the same unremarkable arms and armor all day, every day. I could train a Nord to do this.

I am not callous to my peoples’ needs; of course the troops require adequate enchantments, but being conscripted into this when I could be doing so much more is ridiculous. I shall appeal to the Kinlord. Surely he will see the error of his ways if I present him with some of my more impressive creations. In fact, he’ll probably fund further experiments, especially when he sees the implications of my recent theories regarding kinemagical principles and their possible impact on ore refinement!

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