Note on Amber and Madness Ore

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Book added by Saints and Seducers from the Creation Club

This sample of madness ore was discovered deep in a Nordic ruin. It shouldn’t have… no, COULD NOT have been there before!

My time spent with the sword has had an impact far greater than I ever could have ever imagined! My reach has grown far beyond these twisting tunnels. This is wonderful news! Perhaps even more such fragments have appeared in the unlikeliest of places.

That said, working this material into a usable form has proven… difficult. Raw amber equally so. This is a job better suited for a master blacksmith with deep knowledge of the arcane. Someone like Evethra.

A peerless smithy and my confidant in learning the hidden sides of spellcraft, Evethra would no doubt be able to work out the secrets of amber and madness ore. If she hasn’t gone completely mad by now, that is. I shall have the Seducers deliver her a sample of each. With any luck, she still hones her craft north of Mistwatch even after all these years.

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