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The Nine Divines



Kneel down and pray to the Nine Divines. This is the most important religious order in Cyrodiil. It combines the eight Aedra with the god-hero Tiber Septim.

In Daggerfall, there were eight Divines. The five gods and three goddesses spread their influence throughout the area in individual temples. A person could join a specific temple and receive extensive and unusual services if the person successfully performed the assigned quests and patronized a particular God or Goddess.

In Morrowind, Tiber Septim was mysteriously (and inexplicably) combined with the eight Aedra to form the Imperial Cult. There were no longer individual temples to each deity. Imperial Cult priests provided worship and services for all these gods at Imperial Shrines.

In Cyrodiil, there are chapels and wayshrines devoted to the Nine Divines. A major chapel can be located in the 8 major cities of the Imperial Province. Even though each city seems to be dedicated to only one god or goddess (Kynareth doesn’t have her own chapel), you can receive blessing from all the gods and goddess after you meet certain criteria.

Each chapel has a large central alter of the Nine Divines. When activated, those central alters will restore all eight of your attributes, cure any existing diseases, and restore your Magicka and 200 hit points. There are individual altars along the periphery of the major chapels to each individual god or goddess, but you can only use them after you have visited a wayshrine.

The wayshrines are located throughout the wilderness of Cyrodiil; every god and goddess has at least three wayshrines. If you have raised your fame since your last visit to any wayshrine, you will receive a blessing from that deity. Once again, the blessing will restore all eight of your attributes, cure any diseases, and return 200 hit points. However, each deity offers a unique addition to the blessing: A 10-point boost to one or two of your stats that will last for ten minutes.

Once you have visited one of a deity’s wayshrines, you can then use the periphery alter of that god or goddess at any of the eight major chapels, but the blessing will have half the magnitude and half the duration of the wayshrine blessing.

Once you have visited one of the wayshrines from each of the Nine Divines, you can go to any chapel alter of the Nine Divines and receive a new power: It is called Pilgrim’s Grace, and it will boost all eight of your attributes by 10 points, lasting for five minutes.