Naril’s Notes: Early Experiments

Author (in-game): Naril

Apprentice Gathal and Apprentice Ohtowen shine as my best and most-promising acolytes. Even Sotha Sil would be impressed with their accomplishments on behalf of the Wellspring. We’ve expanded our gardens from mushrooms and other fungi to include groves for fruit-bearing trees, fields for vegetable-yielding plants, and plots for flowers and other flora. To achieve the goals I set forth, we needed a powerful solution of alchemical nutrients that would provide the essential elements missing from the Clockwork City.

After an extensive period of trial and error, I finally hit upon the perfect combination of alchemical compounds. With the help of our factotums, we created a series of pipes and holding tanks where we could treat the water and then use it to irrigate the groves and gardens. Our initial seeds sprouted perfectly, receiving vital nutrients from the alchemically treated water. On the verge of our biggest, most varied harvest to date, something unforeseen happened.

No matter how much we cared for them, the trees and plants withered and died before they could blossom. It was a crushing day for the Everwound Wellspring.

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