Mudcrab Order Request

Released In: ,
Author (in-game): Master Chef He-Cuts-the-Flesh

The pre-release version of this book was a little different. The last paragraph began instead with “Not only will you be promoting the culture of Cybiades with your contribution,” and the author signed his name “Master Chef He-Cuts-the-Flesh, Cybiades”. By launch, Abah’s Landing had instead moved to Hew’s Bane.

Some consider mudcrab to be the food of a commoner–the staple of a peasant. This is truly uninspired on the part of the masses–such a versatile food is as essential to Tamriel as massive wheels of cheese.

As such, I require a barrel of mudcrab meat to be delivered daily so I may develop a compilation of the finest recipes of Abah’s Landing for publication.

Not only will you be promoting local culture with your contribution, but I will also provide the typical payment for your services.

-Master Chef He-Cuts-the-Flesh

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