Vehk’s Teaching: More about Aedra and Daedra

“Sons and daughters of” should be read as associates of/associated with, especially insofar as this association was a conscious choice.

Today the common parlance is that only the eight that followed Lorkhan and created the Mundus are truly “Aedra,” but this is folly. Some were not even the strongest of the Aetherius-aligned etada at the time, but were made as such by their creation of the dawn.

Remember, even the word “Daedra” started as a youthful rebellion.

I promised no riddles, but we speak here of the family-trees of the earliest divine planets, thrones, and seekers. Aurbis was created from the two, its energies coalesced into first forms, and these in turn made of the Aurbis what they could; keep sons and daughters in that context and it becomes easier to see them.

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