Michael Kirkbride’s Art

Michael Kirkbride was employed as an artist on Redguard and Morrowind, and did some art for the Elder Scrolls universe after departing Bethesda in 2000.

Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition Art

All of these illustrations appeared in the Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition, which released in the Elder Scrolls Adventures Redguard manual in 1998.

TES3: Morrowind Concept Art

(Placeholder: All of the art in this section was done during the production of Redguard and Morrowind (which largely overlapped). Much of it appeared in the official Morrowind Art Book that shipped with the game’s collector’s edition. These images however were posted separately elsewhere.)

Other Art

(Placeholder: The pieces here were done outside of Kirkbride’s involvement with Bethesda.)

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