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This page compiles the various question and answer sessions between Michael Kirkbride and the members of the Memospore IRC channel (chatroom). All questions and answers have been reformatted for easy reading. Clarifying comments are in brackets, and were not part of the original posts.

October 15th

What are the stones of Snow-Throat, Crystal-Like-Law, Falinesti, and Orichalc?

The cave, a person, a fruit, and a sword.

Is the N [from the quote here] the New Man?

N means that, yes.

Which primal or cosmic forces can tonal architecture control?

Tonal Architecture can do anything synæsthesia can do. Unless you’re a dumb deaf dreamer.

What is the Treasure Wood Sword [from Sermon 22]?

The antique came-before lines of a martial art that showed how straight lines could bend into the ideas of sineswaves that were needed for Moon-Axle.

Who is Alinor? Or if he wasn’t someone, whats the insect god the Thalmor so lovingly worship?

It’s the oldest name of the [Summer]Set. It wasn’t a person in the sense you mean.

What is the Second Walking Way?

The long road that the enemy always puts before you but you walk it anyway.

Did any important organs/organ-analogues of Lorkh’s besides the Heart (and excluding ebony godsblood) survive, and if so might they be present on the moons?

Yep, a buncha him is up in them. (That’s not really an answer, but you already knew his body was both of ’em). Also, he’ll make an appearance in C0DA.

“Then Wulfharth said: “Don’t you see where you really are? Don’t you know who Shor really is? Don’t you know what this war is?” And they looked from the King to the God to the Devils and Orcs, and some knew, really knew, and they are the ones that stayed.” What did they really know? [From Five Songs of King Wulfharth]

They were inside the Dragon Break of the Red Moment.

What is Sithis?

At its basest, it would be complete and utter misanthropy.

What’s with all the musical connotations behind Elder Scrolls? You said that tonal architecture is similar to synaesthesia, but there’s obviously something greater at play here.

Tamriel. Starry Heart. That whole fucking thing is a song. It was made either out of 12 planets, or from two brothers that split in the womb. Either way, it’s the primal wail and those that grew up on it – they can’t help but hear it, and add to it, or try to control it, or run from it. The reason there IS music on Tamriel at ALL is because it exists. It was and is and it will not stop.

There are repeats in it; plays on a tune. Variations. And most likely Magnus? (He’s the one that made the fucker, and now that’s why he looks back on it, every single day, that’s his promise.

“When you wake up, I will still listen. I’m sorry I left, but hey, I’m still right up here. And my mnemoli? They show up every now and then, and collect all the songs you’ve made since the last time around. The last real moment.”

The Mnemoli? They’re the keepers of the Elder Scrolls. They cannot be fixed until seen. And they cannot be seen until a moment. And you, your hero, makes that moment.

October 17th

What is Tsaescence?

Their version of high perception.

Why did Vivec+Nerevar visit A(l)tmora and not Aldmeris, if they’re the Mannish/Merrish perspectives of proto Tamriel?

Aldmeris is not a real thing.

Are the survivors of the Parliament of Craters still extant?


What is the connection between Pelinal and Zurin?

Nothing but the Throne.

How does one perceive the “untimes” of “previous” kalpas? Through an artificial meta-time or…?

Short answer: always through the dreamsleeve. 

Will we see Nu-Hatta again?

If duty calls, by which I mean I have no plans for him.

Okay. Are Akavir and Atmora actual continents and should perceived as such, or are they rather mirror images of Nirn?

The only continents that are not real… that would be Aldmeris. The rest of them might have shared Pangaea thing, but only one is a memory. A fabricated memory. Think on Aldmeris and why so many of the Thalmor think the way they do.

What is the Exact-Egg-Cracking?

The Hist version of the New Man. Rather, the way they would do it.

How did the Mane die?

Assassin from the Thalmor.

 Is there a third gender of Dragon (besides Jill and Drake)?

Not in the way you mean? Here’s something…the original Skyrim spitballs for dragons? “Organic Time Machines”. Though I will say that ain’t no one got nothing on the Jills.

In musical terms, would you say that the Void is subgradiated noise, pure silence, or something else entirely?

I would say it’s deafness. Which is why people that travel there get sensorily unraveled.

Could the Towers be construed as Tuning Forks, given your music statement yesterday?

Yes, maybe. More like maestros.

How does the Sharmat’s line I AM OLDER THAN MUSIC tie in with the concept of Music as a fundamental element of the world?

He’s ego-trippin’ and balls-trippin’ at the same time. Remember, that quote is from the Sermons. Consider the source.

On the Void Ghost:

He never really makes sense, does he? I mean, he shows up and says “yo, fucker, I ain’t here.”

Who do you think is still filling in the margins?

He ran.

Ran from a book he hadn’t finished, and he feels bad for that. Because they keep seeing him in the empty parts. THAT is when he shows up. He’s not an editor, he’s the writer that bounced and left notes behind. And when you can’t follow the map, he has to Right Reach backwards to help you. And every time, you’ve either spooked him, or surprised him, or figured out a hole.

To make it short, he’s the one that failed so you might not.

But his ghost? That’s his doom. A ghost’s work is never done. That’s the definition of ghost. Until the task is accomplished. The best and worst part of him. Heart of Lorkhan? He’s tied to here no matter if you banished it or not. Every night you look at him. Shattered. You make a mod on his body. Of course he’s going to help you until you make the jump he can’t/won’t do on his own. That’s the Void Ghost.

It will be addressed. There is one that will do it. WRONG – There is a we that will do it. Takes more than one.

On Meridia: 

What no one has ever seen is the connection between Meridia and Kyne. Let that sink in. What do they– when connected– both govern?

Think about KotN. One made the Knight, one opposed the Knight. One rained forever because he was gone. One said, no I will wait until he comes back.

Quit mixing up gods and demons. They are just emotions. In magic, those are real feels. Meridia is the color of his return when curtained by rain. That blink in your eye when the postcard isn’t answered? That weird huff in your chest when you’re waiting for THAT text? That whole night you wait and force sleep so the morning comes? And you hear rain on the window pane and figure, fine, they weren’t listening.

Today isn’t the day? WRONG. That’s the day when you never knew you were at your best. You surrendered. You walked about, called a cab, or turned on the monitor to read the net, or walked the dog because at least the dog always listens. Took a shower, got MORE shit in your eye. Walked to the corner store to get saline because you didn’t last night and you really have to put your contacts in.

Worse, you’re a parent now. With cataracts. And the only way your children easily talk to you is a phone screen, which you can only make out in color. A thing you can not quite perceive anymore, so your other sense compensate for it. Can’t see right? Ears will for you. Can’t hear right? Eyes will for you.

Can you see the admixture of color and sound yet? You sense it. If even you can only taste the one that’s gone. That’s your only Memory and touchstone. Otherwise, why would you wait? Hope has a color and a sound and a taste and a touch and 11 more sense you don’t know you have yet. And this is why you worship them. The gods and demons beyond your control. They went through it before you. They are your ancestors, and this is in the blood. They are your Aedra/Daedra. And sometimes their names get mixed up.

 Still the same: they show you the path. Even as an orphaned star, you will get HOME again. You always have your birthsign. Rejoin with it. That’s your family. The star signs of the magic that rules this world. They know the way. All you have to do is look, hear, touch, taste or feel for their presence. It’s in their job description.

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