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Master Ellane's Last Words

Librarian Comment: 

Book added by Arms of Chaos from the Creation Club

If you're reading this, it means I'm dead, a fate I'm sure brings a smile to your face, if you're standing on your head anyway. Otherwise it would just be a frown, and we can't have that. That would be far too predictable.
For who doesn't appreciate a little chaos? Maybe I'll finish this sentence by saying flying horker loaf. Hopefully now your frowns are facing the right direction.
After all, neither rhyme nor reason has a home here. Fire is water, up is down, right is wrong. Death is life. 
And so like Dalak to Loreth before me, I speak to you now, dear apprentice, from inside this box. A wise sage might caution you to be careful when you follow my path, lest you end up in the same place. 
But I have never claimed to be wise. To me, death is yet another adventure, another possibility to explore. The same should be true of your life.