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Maps of multiple provinces, or of Tamriel as a whole. 

Official Maps

The map of Tamriel that shipped with the Elder Scrolls Anthology. Scanned by Sage of Ice

TESIV: Oblivion map, pulled from the official website, depicting the province in 3E 432. A black and white version of this map appeared in the 3rd Pocket Guide

Map of Tamriel in 2E 582 with color-coded aliance territories, avaliable on the Elder Scrolls Online website. Ebonheart Pact is in red, Daggerfall Covenant in blue, and Aldmeri Dominion in yellow

Map of western Tamriel and Yokuda in 2E 846. This map came with Redguard, and was drawn by Hugh Riley.

The map of the Iliac Bay that shipped with the Elder Scrolls Anthology. Scanned by Sage of Ice.

An official map of Skyrim, High Rock and Hammerfell during the War of the Bend'r-mahk (3E 397). Drawn by Lindsay Muller, this map accompanied TEST: Shadowkey.

A globe of Nirn from TESII: Daggerfall.


Maps Made or Modified by Fans

A stitched together version of the official PGE3 maps, created by Zeph

A fan made map of Tamriel in 4E 201, created by Lady Nerevar

A fan made map of Tamriel in 3E 433, created by ArthmodeusD. The shape and location of Pyandonea are based on the globe in Daggerfall (see the Other Lands section). The names of Yokuda, and many in Hammerfell and the Summerset Isles, are roughly interprited from the West Tamriel map (see above) and are innacurate

A topographical map of Tamriel in the late 3rd era, created by ArthmodeusD

An annotated version of Daggerfall's fast travel map, showing the various kingdoms of the Iliac Bay. Originally created by Xan, and later revised by Sinder Velvin.

An edited version of the raw Daggerfall heightmap, showing political borders and important locations. Created by Brendan.

A raw map of the Iliac Bay which contains all the locations (cities, towns, dungeons, etc.). Extracted from WOODS.WLD by Brendan

An annotated TESI: Arena world map, showing the major cities and dungeon locations. Created by Xan and revised by Sinder Velvin