Maps of Solstheim

This page contains maps of Solstheim, which has intermittently been independent, part of Skyrim, and part of Morrowind.

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Official Maps

These maps were created, commissioned, or released by Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda Game Studios, or Zenimax Online.

TESIII Bloodmoon Map

Map of the island released with the Bloodmoon expansion for TESIII

  • Year shown: circa 3E 427
  • Date released: 2004
TESIII Bloodmoon Concept Map

Original concept art for the isle of Solstheim. Created and shared by Mark Nelson.

  • Year shown: circa 3E 427
  • Created by: Mark Nelson
  • Date released: 2004

Heightmaps of the island of Solstheim, as depicted in TESIII:Bloodmoon (left) and TESV:Dragonborn (right). Both were extracted from the game data files using TESAnwynn.

  • Year shown: 3E 427, 4E 201
  • Date released: 2004, 2012
TESV Dragonborn Map

A map of Solstheim found in TESV: Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC. The X represents a source of Stahlrim.

  • Year shown: circa 4E 201
  • Date released: 2012

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