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Mage Script

Librarian Comment: 

Aside from numbers 1 and 2, no numbers translate to Mage Script. It is unknown if the symbols “1” and “2” represent those numbers or if they represent additional characters.

Note: This page sometimes references Shalidor’s Insights unused pages, which is cut content found in Skyrim’s game files.

Character Map:


These symbols first appeared in TESV:Skyrim. Found during the Illusion Ritual Spell quest, the Master Illusion Texts are one of two documents containing these symbols. The second document is Shalidor’s Insights found during the Shalidor’s Insights quest. Both quests are associated with the College of Winterhold.

The script first appears in Shalidor’s Insights, written by Archmage Shalidor himself. This tells us that the oldest known use of Mage Script was in the 1st Era.

Unlike Mage Script in Shalidor’s Insights, the text from the Master Illusion Texts doesn’t actually say anything, once translated.

Examples of Use:

[Translated by Lattauri-El. Shalidor's Insights page 1. Once translated it reads, "Alduin is the Nordic variation of Akatosh E S superficially resembles his colleague NOS"]

[Translated by The Lusty Dovahkiin. Shalidor's Insights unused page 2. It is unknown if these symbols hold any meaning or if they were chosen by random.]

[The image on the left was taken from the 3rd unused page of Shalidor’s Insights. The image on the right is a “Golden Spiral”, or “Logarithmic Spiral”. When comparing these two images, one could assume the Mage Script symbols S, T, U, V, and W have a double meaning: S=8, T=5, U=3, V=2, and W=1. This suggests that the symbols for 1 and 2 (as shown in the character map above) may have alternate translations as well, similar to how numbers work in the Dragon Alphabet character map.]