Mage Script

This script, dubbed “Mage Script,” appeared in TESV: Skyrim in the books Master Illusion Texts and Shalidor’s Insights. Both books are found during the College of Winterhold questline. Due to its association with Shalidor, the script dates to at least as early as the late 1st Era.

Character Map

The script is written in Skyrim using a font, so we are able to easily map each glyph to a specific Latin letter. In Shalidor’s Insights, the text translates to a phrase in Portuguese. In Master Illusion Text, it’s just a bunch of random letters.


Shalidor’s Insights, Page 1. It reads, “Alduin a varia o n[o]rdica de akatosh es superficialmente parecese com o seu colega nos.” Once translated into English, this text reads, “Alduin the Nordic variation superficially resembles his colleague [nos]”
Shalidor’s Insights, unused page 2. (Translated by TLDovahkiin)
Shalidor’s Insights, unused page 4.

Shalidor’s Insights, unused page 3. The text again appears to be Portuguese. The left hand side is hard to parse, but may read “a conduziu aqui,” which means “led her here.” The right side can be read as, “skyrim septimus vivemu,” which translates to “Skyrim Septimus lived.”

The spiral matches resembles, but does not quite match, the Golden Spiral or Fibonacci Sequence. This could mean that the letters for this script also have a numeric meaning, similar to the Dwemeri alphabet.

Golden Spiral (red) overlaid
Shalidor’s Insights, unused page 5. This one’s in English, it says, “Alduins civilization was the dragon cult of atmora hes basically the god on earth the dragon high priests are his acolytes is ordered.”
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