TES2 Daggerfall: Lysandus’ Revenge

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In the last journey, you've found a sample of the Dust of Restful Death, which was required to communicate with dead King Lysandus in a meaningful manner (as opposed to "Vengeance!"). Medora Direnni prepares it for use and tells you to go and apply it do Lysandus' dead body. By now, you should know the location of Lysandus' true tomb. After a dungeon romp you find the sarcophagus and use the Dust.

"You soothe my rage. I do not seek to be placated;
I seek vengeance upon he who slew me.
If you would truly lay my spirit to rest,
be the instrument of my vengeance against
Lord Woodbourne of Wayrest."

At this point, a cutscene is played, in which a ghost of King Lysandus appears and explains the predicament. As numerous clues suggest, the king was not killed on the battlefield; instead, he was assassinated by Lord Woodborne of Wayrest. Lysandus tells you that either death or humiliation of Lord Woodborne will soothe his restless spirit. Note the "humiliation" clause.

Locating Lord Woodborne is easy. There's a castle called "Woodborne Hall" in Wayrest countryside. After a lengthy dungeon romp, you encounter one of the two things. Either, lord Woodborne himself, or his diary. The first goes for plan A (death), the second - for plan B (humiliation).

You can kill Lord Woodborne. For a high level character, it's not that hard. When you do, another cutscene is played - the spectral army of King Lysandus' is blown away from Daggerfall. And your mission here is accomplished.

The diary is more tricky. For starters, here's how it reads:

Page 7

...from childhood. I know that Gothryd would not refuse his aid, but I must bide my time to ask. After all, Elysana is still heiress of Wayrest and I am her bethrothed. So it should be that when Eadwyre dies (which he is bound to do, sooner rather than later) I will be king.
If it weren't for that bitch queen and her brats, I would and could be patient. Never trust a dark elf the old saying goes, for you cannot read truth in their eyes. If Barenziah has her way, Helseth will be heir and Elysana will be married off to some far-off kingdom. Morgiah is already promised to the heir of Firsthold, but they keep her around to spread the poison against Elysana, and especially, me.
Barenziah doesn't trust me, this I can tell. I will deal with her just as I did with Lysandus. The fool should have agreed to support me. Gortwog and his orcs almost saved him. I'll deal with those sub-humans once I sit upon the throne of Wayrest.
First it is important to solidify my power base. I can (almost certainly) rely on Gothryd to support my bid for the throne, if Helseth is made heir. I have a spy network equalling Eadwyre, Gothryd, Akorith-i, or the Emperor. Perhaps the Necromancers and the Underking's networks are more extensive, but I doubt it. The problem is raw physical power. I do not have a standing army. I need the gold to raise...

Pretty incriminating, if you ask me. Now the task at hand is - relay this information to the right person. Apparently, Gothryd and Elysana would be wrong. Barenziah or Helseth, on the other hand, would get pretty enraged. So would Mynisera, I'd assume - she loved Lysandus dearly, despite his liaison with Medora.

With a little help from certain Esteemed Readers, I now have the info what is the reaction of the Bay's important people to this diary. Queen Aubk-i, King Gothryd or Princess Elysana are more than glad to lay their hands on the diary:

You were completely correct to bring this to me. Otherwise it might have gotten out where it could do Lord Woodborne damage. Guards! Kill this Redguard!

Queen Akorithi of Sentinel thinks you just made this whole thing up:

This means little to me. It is trash fit only for being burnt. Gothryd and Woodborne plotting to kill Lysandus. Really! Go away.

Gortwog and King of Worms do have use for the diary - but only as a blackmail tool:

This information is quite valuable Qwerty. Let me gift you with (some) gold for giving it to me. This will be quite handy in the coming conflict.

Some nobles of Wayrest - specifically, Queen Barenziah, King Eadwyre, or Prince Helseth - do not like Lord Woodborne stance on the succession issue:

This is atrocious! After all the affection we showered on that fool Woodborne! We nearly married that villianous swine to Elysana - nearly handed the throne of Wayrest to a cad of the first order! Good Qwerty, it was the right thing to do to bring this to our attention. Rest assured that Lord Woodborne will be arrested and executed for his treason, his name barred from the books of honor, his acquaintances interrogated, his fortune confiscated. As a gift, please allow me to give you (some) gold pieces as your share of his property confiscations.

What happens to Lord Woodborne afterwards counts as sufficient humiliation in dead Lysandus' book. This accomplishes the mission.

Finally, the nobles of Daggerfall who cared for Lysandus - Medora Direnni, Mynisera, or Nulfaga - would gladly have their own revenge:

Lord Woodborne is the slayer of my dear Lysandus. There shall be justice, and it shall come from my hand! You would do best to stay clear of Woodborne Hall and Wayrest for some time Qwerty.

And, according to "The Daggerfall Chronicles", they use magic powers at their disposal to terminate the traitor's sorry existence.

As soon as Lord Woodborne is either dead or convicted, Lysandus' spirit is finally laid to rest. One half of the big mission is over.

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