Lost Caravan Guard’s Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Book added by Sunder & Wraithguard from the Creation Club

We crossed into Skyrim under the cover of ashfall. As far as anyone knows, we’re shipping refugees, just one in a long line of vagrant caravans escaping the wrath of the Red Mountain. Normally, a story like that would be enough to get us through, but not this time.

Now I’ve been a caravan guard for some time, and I’ve seen some pretty extensive security measures. Locks, chains, the works. One client even had a conjurer summon a daedra to guard his wagon, but even compared to that this seems excessive.

For one, everything has a code name. The cargo, the guards, even the horse. As for the caravans, to keep it familiar we’ve each been given a name from one of the Great Houses.

Of course, some of the guards didn’t like that part. One of the new bloods said he’d rather bend the knee to a guar than wear the name of House Dres. But Captain Inedos brought him in line with the point of his blade, and the rest followed. You’d think the Red Year would unite us, but it seems like there’s old scars that haven’t healed and old scores that haven’t been settled. But at the end of the day, none of that matters. The job’s the job. Like the Captain said, at least they didn’t name us after the boots.

We’ve also got several decoy caravans heading out through Skyrim, all the way to some undisclosed location in Hammerfell. But since that’s not enough, each caravan will meet up at preset checkpoints and swap their items out.

That means different decoys traveling different paths every step of the way. With the refugee garb they say we should blend right in, and on the off chance we don’t, we’ve got runners set to flee to the next village, hidden compartments, anything you can think of.

Still, if you ask me, all of it sounds like a waste of time. I’m no scholar, but those two bits of cargo don’t look like anything special, just a fancy way to bash some poor f’lah’s skull in.

With all the chaos bleeding out of Vvardenfell, we’ve made it to Windhelm without so much as a papercut. Come morning we’re heading out west along the river toward Nightgate Inn. If all goes well we’ll reach the mountain pass by midday. Still, we’d get there sooner if not for all the stops.

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