Fallout Shelter Crossover: Lich’s Biography

Character Description

This information appears when clicking the on the picture when examining the Blades Hero character.

An ancient priest of the Nords, they were cursed by a dragon. He used arcane to seal himself and his people away during the apocalypse. Now that the seal is broken, the cursed power has fused with the seal's energy, turning him from a wise priest into a very scary lich.



A young priest inherits the mask of the dragon witch, and he will serve the ancient dragon and devote himself to the prosperity of this territory.

Lich: Thank you for your blessing, I will always serve you as your faithful servant, and your will is my mission.

(Ancient Voice): QETHSEGOL VahRukIV Vur DO Faal Vahlok Nonvul aar SE Dovah WEN DEZ LOST Wah Qahnaar TahRodiis Miraak

Lich: Your enlightenment has opened my eyes, and I will fulfill my duty here!


He felt confused and helpless during the repeated probing. He found creatures he did not understand, as if they had attributes that matched his nature, making him feel uncomfortable, making him feel that such creatures should not exist!

Dragon: Why are you betraying our faith?

Lich: Why did you say that? Dragon, is it not enough to treat us as servants, and not treat us as people at all?

(Ancient Voice): Nir HET Mah FaaSNu Ronaan UNDveld aaR KRiiD GROHiik ahRK DROG DO LOT nir

Lich: I understand your meaning, I will deal with this matter, please do not be angry with innocent people.

(Ancient Voice): HET NOK Faal YNGNAVAR Gaaf-Kodaav Wo Drey Yah Moro Nau FROD DO KROSIS NUZ SINON Siiv Dinok ahrk DUkaaN

Lich: Your analogy is fitting. I...It will be dealt with.


How can it be him, he is not himself? What has shaken his faith in the dragon, the wear and tear of countless years? Or is it his nature to do so?

Unknown: This is the consequences of placing your trust in it, dragons are ruthless creatures, you and I, are very clear!

Lich: So what can we do? My faith may be blind, but what about yours? If it wasn't for your loneliness and anger against the dragon, it would not have turned out this way!

Unknown: You and I are of one mind. How do you think I came here? It is not "I" who insists on going my own way, but yourself.

Lich: Then the only way now is to say, the only way we can escape the curse is to put the dragon to sleep, let us sleep, right?

Unknown: You figured it out yourself, didn't you? Why bother to ask me again, execute it, go face the dragon, face the mistakes you and I have made, and seek a future for the subjects.


They are either us, afraid of the dragon, but no longer worship the dragon, they fear his strength, but this can not hold back the heart of rebellion. As a dragon priest, this idea can not exist, nor can it exist! Otherwise, the dragon will be angry!


The dragon would not allow betrayal, and all would be cursed, perhaps more aptly blessed, for it had given them endless lives, but no longer so human.


Perhaps sleeping and waiting for opportunities is the only way for their empire to survive, the dragon is no longer their master, and when they wake up, perhaps the dragon slayer is a good choice.

Trinket Memory: Dragon Mask

This text appears when examining the Dawnbreaker item.

The ancient sacrificial mask is a symbol of faith, a symbol of honor, and also represents the apex of power and power.

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