Redguard: Letters to The Elder Scrolls Adventures (1996)

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Although presented in the format of fan-sent mail, these questions are really more like a roleplay. There were never any further issues of the Redguard comic, and it was never sold in stores.


When are you guys finally going to get into that ‘dark secret’ that Cyrus refuses to talk about? And what does it have to do with Iszara, who we’ve only seen in cryptic flashbacks? Now that the Duadeen story arc seems to be wrapping up, it’s high time we learned about it!

Billy Fresno, PA

P.S. Why does Duadeen refer to Tiber Septim as the Cyrodiil? He’s a Nord, if I remember correctly.

Or a Breton, if you believe those jokers in Alcaire. Traditionally, anyone strong enough to take the Imperial Throne is known as the ‘Cyrodiil,’ no matter the province kingdom of their birth. It’s a complicated the-king-is-the-land kind of thing that reaches back to the time when the Elves ruled the area before it was taken from them by the First Empire of the Nords. “Cyrodiil” is a pretty blanket term for every element of the Imperial Province: its common provincial name is Cyrodiil, the capital city is named Cyrodiil, the people are the Cyrodiils, and the Emperor is “The Cyrodiil.” A lot of people still think it comes from the surname of Reman Cyrodiil, who built the region into the Second Empire of Men, but, really, he just took its ancient Elven name and stuck it onto his own (sorta like somebody in our world calling themselves “Jonny America”). And, while we’re still on the subject, no, Tiber Septim isn’t a Nord, he’s an Atmoran.

As far as Cyrus’ dark secret (and its relation to Iszara), I think you pretty much have the whole of it now, don’t you?

Dear TEAdventures,

I picked up the BATTLESPIRE one-shot last week—any chance of it becoming a full-fledged series?

Tally Isham, CO

Afraid not, Tally. Those guys are hard at work on the Morrowind mini-series that we’ve been promising for two years now. And since it looks like we’re still going to have to wait a while, we decided to devote a few pages of the current issue of TEA: Redguard to those wacky Dark Elves! Hope you liked it!


In issue #20, Cyrus mentions the Eye of Argonia, an artifact that sounded important. What gives? I was stationed overseas during the early days of TEA: Redguard, so maybe I missed it, huh?

Alan Sundry, D.C.

Don’t fret, Alan, you didn’t miss a thing about the Eye of Argonia in those issues (though you missed plenty of other stuff—better get down to the comic store!). Cyrus has been searching for the Eye all over Tamriel. All we can say is that it’s a priceless gem that also serves as a key to the Lost City of Black Marsh. Stay tuned!

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