Letter of Resignation [Aishah]

Author (in-game): Aishah

To the esteemed Captain Juncus,

Aishah is writing today to submit her resignation. This one has served with distinction in the Imperial City guard for more than eight years now. She is grateful for the handful of gold coins she received as compensation each year, and the tremendous promotions that were never offered simply because she is a Khajiit. Had she been treated more fairly, Aishah never would have recognized the opportunities presented during the Coldharbour incursion! Though this one will very much miss the opportunity to kiss her superiors’ boots and perform senseless duties, she regrets to say that she now must resign from the guard to pursue new ventures.


P.S. This one hopes the Daedra torture your shaveskin arse for all eternity. You can eat Aishah’s smallclothes, you unclawed dungman!

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