Letter found within the School of Rahni’Z

Released In:


Your mother and I beam with pride on hearing of your acceptance. We knew you would pass the first trial, just as I and your grand-papa before you did so many years ago. If there was ever any doubt, it is now certain you will be a worthy warrior and noble leader when you return from training.

I must warn you, though. Do not allow your vision to become clouded with self-congratulation. You are young yet, and you have only passed the easiest of the trials you will face at Rahni’Za. Yes, you stand among the halls of our mighty and formidable ancestors, but you are a mere pup in the shadow of wolves. Keep your mind open and clear, face the challenges set before you with courage and discipline, and devote yourself entirely to your blade. This I command.

My belief in you is strong, son. May you become the warrior you are meant to be.

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