Letter 5 For The Battlespire Hero

Author (in-game): Vatasha Trenelle/Josian Kaid

So far, so good.

I’m with a group of Daedra with cloaks and hoods. Still careless, don’t seem to expect trouble, but this disguise thing is too risky. When I get a chance, I’ll slip off and follow under spell concealments.

This place is crawling with spooks and bones. They call this place the Soul Cairn. The chief — heard one call him “Lord Something-or-Other Moath” — sent troops out to scout. The report is simple: DO NOT FOOL WITH THE WRAITHS! They cannot be killed or destroyed. Period. Sounds like a good policy. These daedra troops look pretty tough, but they aren’t making a dent in the wraith things. So stay clear of them.

Our next stop is someplace called Shade Perilous. Not sure after that. A couple of my Daedra companions had little accidents; I snatched their plunder. When I get a chance, I’ll sort it out. Anything extra or dangerous I’ll dump along the way for you. I’m leaving you two Spell Restoratives here; I got plenty extra. Keep your eyes out, and watch yourself.


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