Kireth’s Notebook, Page 5

Author: Kireth Vanos

This place is amazing! Unlike a lot of the ruins we've poked around in, this place actually has working apparatuses and ancient guardians and everything. I better watch my step. Wouldn't want to attract the attention of a spider construct or one of those rolling ball things. And those centurions! I wouldn't want to meet one of them in a dark and scary ruin. Oh, wait a moment.

Hey, I just noticed that I lost the first two pages of my notebook. I hate it when that happens! Raynor says I'm too hard on my equipment, but I think that merchant in Orsinium just sold me an inferior bit of merchandise. Look at this binding! It's already cracked and fraying! Sturdy as a stronghold wall my arse!

Oh, I know what will make falling into this ruin worthwhile and keep Raynor from giving me any grief. I need to find him a Dwarven power core. He loves to collect old things like that. And maybe he won't blow this one up quite as quickly as the last time.

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