From the journal of Munamur

Author: Munamur
Released In:

Saw something strange today when we got to Vulkwasten just before sunset. Right outside the main gate, a big group of Wood Elves sat in a circle. One stood up in the middle, probably one of their Spinners, and they all seemed fixated on him. I sidled closer to listen, but I am still not sure what under Jone and Jode I heard:

“… that now, as the crystal eagle swoops to harry the blood-red beast, this instant, and this one, and this one are more important than ever. More precious than ever. When we watch, we see it as the green. We see the writhing snake; we know where each talon will strike and where each coil will bend. We will speak what we’ve seen, we will become wind, pushing the predator into just the right place, offering enough resistance and enough support to ensure the kill. In the bloody aftermath, there is a great feast, one we all can attend.”

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