From the journal of Elea Dantaine, Stargazer Initiat

Author: Elea Dantaine
Released In:

I remember more of the dream every morning. I am in the Observatory, but it is not the Observatory I know. The halls are unfamiliar, but somehow I know where I am. There is a great pressure upon me—I must escape! I must move forward! The deeper I go, the more disjointed it becomes. The stones of the floor separate. In the gaps I see worlds beyond, landscapes I cannot name.

Eight turns left, eight turns right. The sky opens up and stars collapse into one brilliant point of light. And out of it, the staff, shining with the light of Aetherius. As I reach out to touch it, it drifts further into the black void. Please help me, Mage, please! I have failed…

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