Jewelry Crafting Survey: Stormhaven

Resource cache uncovered: In a cleft between two rocks, near a waterfall, east of Nightmare Crag, west of Bonesnap Ruins. A pace north of Steelheart Moorings.

I’m increasingly frustrated with our inability to find a cartographer of merit.

“Insufficient funding,” they tell me. What miserable fiction!

Instead of having a mapper — a professional! — with me with some knowledge of the area, I instead have to (for example) contend with roadway bandits, escape them into the arms of a cadre of friendly cultists working some manner of idiot ritual at a stone circle, give THEM the slip and tumble into a very alarmed doe and then — and then! — run WITH HER through an equally (violently) confused pack of wolves before happening upon our precious metals. It’s fine. This is fine.

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