Jewelry Crafting Survey: Auridon

Resource cache uncovered: Between two seaside columns, on the coast far west of Mathiisen, between Smuggler's Cove and Tanzelwil, below Glister Vale.

Ignore my success. Why would anyone send a surveyor to the coast for a precious metal? The softness of the material practically ensures sand and grit will grate it out into the sea.

What mad reasoning brought me to this place? Why must I endure the rank stench of the sea, picking my way through driftwood?

This coast dazzlingly features mudcrabs. Terrible creatures! Normally, I avoid them whenever possible - their boorish behavior and foul bouquet guarantees it - but, here I am, among the crabs.

Perhaps, someday, I will be killed by a mudcrab falling from the sky. Perhaps that might be today.

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