Ixtaxh Explorer’s Journal, Page 2

Author (in-game): Anonymous

Hours flutter away into the darkness, and I find myself no closer to this illusive crystal. I’ve taken to scattering the pages of my journal—a breadcrumb trail, as it were. I’m no architect, but I’m willing to wager that whoever designed this place was similarly unqualified. Doors and staircases routinely lead to nowhere. Nigh bottomless pits appear with unsettling frequency. And then there’s these damned statues; stylized Argonian faces with mouths contorted into ghastly sneers. I can’t help but detect a smugness in their expression. Unsettling to say the least.

There’s one corridor I haven’t explored yet—the dankest and most foul-smelling. I suppose I have no choice but to see where it leads. Mara help me.

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