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Abecean Whale Buckle Wax This lacquered wooden jar is filled with pale buckle wax, likely harvested from a local Abecean whale.
Albatross Feather Pen A popular writing implement, especially among Redguard sailors.
Alik'r Bath Rug A fine bath rug, imported from a small boutique in Sentinel. It features an attractive yet simple Redguard design.
Alik'r Royal Comb This is one of Duchess Lakana's precious grooming implements.
Alik'r Spice Decanters A pair of Redguard containers designed to hold rare and expensive Alik'r spices.
Alik'r Spice Grinder Imported from Alik'r, this spice grinder can be set to produce the exact level of coarseness your recipe demands.
Alik'r Spice Jar A container for holding spices, crafted and sold by a friendly Redguard trader in western Rivenspire.
Alik'ri Glassware A pair of wine glasses made from the finest desert crystal.
Ancient Yokudan Arrowhead This antique arrowhead may have aged, but the quality craftsmanship of the fletchers from Old Yokuda is still clear.
Ancient Yokudan Chalice This centuries-old golden cup is in near pristine condition and as such can be sold for a great deal of gold.
Ancient Yokudan Coin A tarnished Yokudan coin. The profile of an ancient warrior is just barely visible on its worn surface.
Ancient Yokudan Flute Though it's similar to the modern instrument, no one living knows exactly how to play this antique golden flute.
Ancient Yokudan Relic All that remains of this once proud statue is the head. Its stone face, eroded by time, still bears a scowl.
Ansei's Meditation Stone These massive egg-shaped crystals were used by the Ansei centuries ago and were passed down to their descendants.
Antique Hallin's Stand Flag This flag flew over Hallin's Stand centuries ago when the city was part of the kingdom of Sentinel.
Antique Hookah This elaborate waterpipe is unique to Craglorn. Stylized Nedic motifs have been etched into the silver trim.
Apex Tower Silver Flask A silver drinking flask bearing the symbol of the Apex Tower in Elinhir.
Ash'abah Blanket This coarse, but finely woven blanket was crafted by the Ash'abah to keep them warm on cold nights in the desert.
Ash'abah Friendship Coin The Ash'abah give these coins out to friends and allies to whom they owe a debt.
Ash'abah Moon Salve The Ash'abah use a secret formula to create this mixture. When smeared on exposed skin, it protects one from sun blush.
Asha'abah Roasting Tongs King Fahara'jad gifted several of these gold tongs to Ash'abah tribal leaders after they slew the infamous necromancer, Suturah.
Aswala Grandee's Saddle To promote their horse-breeds, the Aswala family gifted these bejeweled saddles to several prominent nobles.
Aswala Lucky Horseshoe Visitors to the famous Aswala Stables once purchased horseshoes such as these. They were thought to bring good fortune.
At-Tura Scimitar Sheath Count Hosni at-Tura is known for keeping a vast collection of ornate scimitar sheaths from all over Hammerfell.
At-Tura Stationery Count Hosni at-Tura had his insignia stamped onto these papers to be used for his personal correspondences.
Badge of the Ra Gada This ancient military badge was given to the warlords of the Ra Gada when they first arrived on Tamriel's shores.
Banner of the Na-Totambu This is an archaic flag, carried by servants of the Na-Totambu when they first arrived on ships from old Yokuda.
Belkarth Broadsheet A broadsheet featuring news of Craglorn and the Three Banners War, published irregularly and often woefully out of date.
Belkarth Oven Mitt This heavy woolen glove is perfect for pulling kebabs out of a hot clay oven.
Blackcaster Mage Insignia A small seal that bears the image of one of the Apex Towers in Elinhir.
Blackcaster Mage's Spellbook A book with no markings identifying its owner. It contains component lists for spells, and is wrapped in Elinhiran leather.
Blessed Astrolabe After its blessing by a priest of Tava, it is bad luck for this silver astrolabe to be touched by any but royal naval officers.
Bloody Fist Armband A blood-red armband worn by Headman Bhosek's most trusted warriors.
Bone Dice A set of dice made from bones and fashioned in a tradition that honors the Yokudan god of souls.
Bountiful Silver Plate This large, silver plate is engraved with an image of Morwha, the Yokudan goddess of fertility.
Broken-Toothed Ivory Comb A fancy comb of Redguard design, a few of its teeth have broken off and are missing.
Burnished Judgment Badge A badge worn by the famed Justices of Bergama. A fence might be able to ransom this back to its original owner.
Camel Whip A finely woven leather whip, made for directing Craglorn camels.
Caravan Scrip A promise of payment that identifies itself as issued by the Dragonstar Caravan Company.
Celestial Spice Shakers Spice shakers depicting the Warrior, Thief, and Serpent, crafted before the true extent of the Celestial situation was known.
Conch Shell Inkwell This small conch shell, taken from the beach at Stros M'kai, was turned into a fetching inkwell.
Corporate Seal This heavy brass seal bears the mark of the Dragonstar Caravan Company.
Courtesan's Appointment Book This little book lists the clients of a popular courtesan in Hallin's Stand, making it almost priceless to a blackmailer.
Cracked Yokudan Memory Stone Unstable images and vague, distant voices swirl and flicker around this broken relic.
Crispy Frog Fryer A common outdoor cooking device, perfect for preparing one of the prime food sources available in Craglorn's wilderness.
Crossed Scimitars Buckle A metal buckle bearing the image of crossed scimitars, a symbol with profound meaning to Redguards.
Crossroads Tavern Dice A pair of dice from the Crossroads Tavern in Belkarth.
Crown Seal This seal is used to mark correspondences between high-ranking Crown nobles.
Crude Tooth Paperweight This grisly paperweight features a molar taken from a Dogeater Goblin perched atop a resin block.
Derali Lizard Leash This leash was used by one of the most prominent lizard-racing families in all of the Alik'r.
Desert Glass Decanter A beautifully crafted vessel. Iridescent red flecks can be seen in the glass.
Diamond-Tooth Cat Comb This extravagant jeweled comb was one of several created for Queen Jezerei, also known as the "Strumpet Queen."
Dishonored Potion Opener This potion opener is decorated with a crude depiction of Satakal as a serpent, with fangs exposed.
Divad Hunding's Petrified Finger This petrified finger allegedly belonged to the legendary Sword-Singer Divad Hunding.
Dragonstar Arena Consolation Prize The steel-dipped spine of a failed Dragonstar Arena competitor. Typically presented to next of kin, or sold on the black market.
Dragonstar Arena Tankard A gaudy drinking vessel bearing the symbols of the recently opened Dragonstar Arena, sold to audience members as souvenirs.
Dragonstar Arena Token This token was used for betting at the Dragonstar Arena—until they stopped accepting tokens. Now it's a collectors item.
Dragonstar Caravan Banner A banner emblazoned with the Dragonstar Caravan emblem. It would be quite useful to a smuggler.
Dragonstar Caravan Company Inkwell A bottle of ink bearing the seal of the Dragonstar Caravan Company, distributed as a promotional item.
Dragonstar Caravan Company Obligation A token bearing the seal of the Dragonstar Caravan Company that identifies the bearer as owing a debt to the organization.
Dragonstar Caravan Company Placemats Woven placemats bearing the seal of the Dragonstar Caravan Company and distributed as a promotional item.
Dragonstar Enforcer Badge Thuggish Dragonstar caravan enforcers all wear this badge. It's become a symbol of the harsher side of commerce.
Dragonstar Picnic Basket Burzgrag in Dragonstar packs and sells these picnic baskets for miners and others who work outdoors for long hours at a time.
Duneripper Drinking Horn This is a nearly indestructible drinking horn made from the spine of a Duneripper.
Duneripper Scale Kneepads These kneepads were designed to protect the knees of the workers who tiled the royal palace in Sentinel.
Earthenware Decanter A ceramic decanter, crafted in the stark style of the local Iron Orc tribes but sold by merchants in Belkarth and Dragonstar.
Embroidered Hand Towel Embroidered with an image of the Crimson Ship, this hand towel is a reminder to those in Hammerfell of the Day of Shame.
Engraved Alik'r Walking Stick This is one of a handful of walking sticks King Fahara'jad gave as gifts to the nobles of Wayrest at his daughter's wedding.
Engraved Redguard Flask A rare flask engraved with an ouroboros and distributed to members of the elite 1st Redguard Horse Brigade.
Engraved Silver Flagon This imposing tankard has the seal of the Screaming Mermaid engraved on it.
Exile's Bedroll This Redguard bedroll was used by the exiles who fled from Hallin's Stand and sought safe harbor from the King of Evermore.
Explorer's Pick This sturdy pick was given to all of Headman Bhosek's engineers. It probably saw ample use outside the Bthzark ruins.
Fahara'jad Coronation Portrait This rare painting depicts the coronation of King Fahara'jad. Its frame is made of orichalcum.
Fahara'jad Lineage Plaque This golden plaque is engraved with the names of King Fahara'jad's ancestors.
Fahara'jad Royal Pardon Signed by King Fahara'jad, this document can get a criminal released from jail.
Fahara'jad's Nostril Spacers Snoring runs in Fahara'jad's family, so he had hundreds of these ebony nostril spacers made to use at night.
Fahara'jad's Rod Replica A replica of the royal staff carried by King Fahara'jad, this rod is often given as a gift by Forebear nobles to their children.
Faralel's Night Cream Imported from distant Alik'r, this expensive moisturizing cream is believed to keep Dark Elves looking young and beautiful.
Faux Fennec Flesh Handkerchief Yahiri the Tailor in Belkarth makes and sells these simulated Fennec hide kerchiefs—far less expensive than the real thing.
Festival of Blades Bowl This porcelain bowl depicts the events celebrated by the Festival of Blades: a Redguard fights against a race of giant goblins.
Fine Altmer Dishware These extravagant porcelain plates look very out of place in Stros M'Kai.
Gargoyle Head Spice Shakers These gargoyle heads from southern Bangkorai were hollowed out to hold spices. The spice can be poured out from the eye sockets.
Gilded Souvenir Spoon This gold-trimmed spoon was purchased as a souvenir from the city of Elinhir.
Gilt Star-Gazer Sigil A shining seal worn by senior members of the academic order known as the Star-Gazers.
Gladiator's Brand A strange Daedric seal. Rumor has it that gladiators of Dragonstar Arena all bear this mark.
Glowing Shard A sharp glowing shard of arcane enegy collected outside of Spellscar.
Gold-Embroidered Pillow Case King Fahara'jad invites many young ladyfriends to the palace. They receive a valuable pillow case when they depart.
Golden Monkey Statuette Legend says hundreds of baby monkeys were turned to gold in Bergama by an evil Orc sorcerer. This may be one of them.
Golden Sword-Singer Bust This golden bust was modeled after the head of one of the most notable Sword-Singers in the history of the Alik'r.
Grandee Zizeen Teacups These expensive teacups were given to Crown loyalists who supported Zizzeen in his failed attempt to win the throne.
Grandeya's Diamond Hand Mirror A small but extremely valuable mirror decorated with gold and diamonds.
Guzzard-Feather Quill A common writing instrument, crafted from the feather of a Craglorn guzzard.
Hadoon's Fateful Dice A set of loaded ebony dice that always roll 1.
Hall of Heroes Prayer Beads These ivory prayer beads came from the necropolis in Southern Bangkorai. The centerpiece is a crude likeness of Makela Leki.
Hallin's Stand Resistance Plates Nobles in Hallin's Stand use these silver plates, engraved with the insignia of Sentinel, to show their true loyalties.
Hallin's Stand Silver Platter This large silver platter is engraved with an image of the majestic city in Southern Bangkorai.
Hallin's Stand Spittoon A grandee from Hallin's Stand had dozens of these golden spittoons made for his friends.
Hand-Carved Abecean Whistle A small whale-bone whistle, carved to resemble a reclining mermaid. A popular item in Saintsport.
Heavy Wooden Spyglass A gift from Bhosek to his most trusted lieutenants. While the wood is beautifully carved, the optics are far from precise.
High Priest's Ephod Keepsake A gold-embroidered cloth triangle from an ephod once worn by the High Priest of Satakalaam.
High Priest's Sash A gold-embroidered sash, modeled after the one worn by the High Priest of Satakalaam.
Hoonding's Golden Quill This quill pen is wrapped in gold and inscribed with a Frandar Hunding quote: "The pen is like the sword, but weaker."
Hoonding's Prayer Stone A smooth stone engraved with a quote: "Be resolute, fear no sacrifice, and surmount every difficulty to win victory."
Horse-Hide Falconer's Gage This triple-layered glove was crafted for a Forebear noble and decorated with a depiction of Tava.
Hunding Prayer Beads The centerpiece of these prayer beads is a small crystal sword. The beads were crafted to pay homage to Divad Hunding.
Imperial Napkin Holders These expensive ebony napkin holders were a gift from a Colovian noble to High King Amdashir of Hammerfell.
Imported Feather Dangle Stick Inlaid wood dangle stick with a rare Craglorn fell runner feather on the end of its string.
Iron Orc Ragamuffin Doll Someone in Dragonstar thought this creepy, poorly-stitched doll would be adored by children. They were quite wrong.
King Makala's Ear Piece One of several small golden ear pieces once used to augment the hearing of Hammerfell's infamous ruler.
Kozanset Feather Quill This long feather quill appears to have been plucked from an adolescent harpy.
Kozanset Ornate Feather Quill This long feather quill appears to have been plucked from a mature harpy.
Kozanset Window Sundial This small sundial is designed to sit in a window and help the chefs at the Kozanset ovens monitor their cook-times.
Lighthouse Tapestry A finely woven tapestry depicting the Saintsport Lighthouse at dusk.
Local Troll Lantern A lantern made from the ribs of a troll. The label insists the troll was hunted locally in Bangkorai.
Looted Brass Lantern This sturdy brass lantern was pried off the deck of the Maiden's Breath. Even damaged, this lantern is quite lovely.
Magnifica's Nail Trimmer A small, golden device used by Hammerfell's nobles to trim their nails.
Magnifico's Flask Made from valuable quicksilver and decorated with jewels, this flask was a gift from King Fahara'jad to a Forebear Magnifico.
Makela Leki Figurine This small, silver figurine was made by students of the school at Leki's Blade.
Mantikora Teeth A fine leather pouch filled with the massive molars of a full-grown mantikora.
Maritime Hourglass This small brass hourglass was likely taken from the Maiden's Breath. Its fine gray sand counts thirty minutes before expiring.
Midnight Boot Polish This tin of boot polish was custom-made from exotic ingredients for Count Hosni at-Tura.
Miniature Mundus Stone Model A wandering merchant who visits Craglorn once every season sells these small, stone paperweights in the shape of Mundus Stones.
Monkey-Hide Parasol An umbrella used in the Alik'r to protect exposed skin from the sun. It is no longer used exclusively by nobles.
Morhwa's Milk Pitcher A fine ceramic milk pitcher with a painting of the four-armed teat god.
Motalion Reverence Token This valuable golden token was stolen from a crypt in the Motalion Necropolis.
Mourning Springs Crystal Flagon Etched-glass flagon once used for "taking the waters" at the Temple of the Mourning Springs.
Mudcrab Shell Powder Case The women of the Alik'r desert often powder their noses before social engagements. They store their powder in mudcrab shells.
Mummified Hand A dried-up Anka'Ra hand taken as a trophy. It didn't just move ... did it?
Ogondar's Unusual Vintage An inexpensive but tasty wine bottled and sold at Ogondar's Winery, northeast of Belkarth.
Old Yokudan Coin Collection A scattering of ancient Yokudan coins, set and displayed as a collection.
Olive-Wood Dustpan A lacquered wooden dustpan, cut from a Craglorn olive tree.
Onsi's Diamond Grindstone Made from hard stone and gems mined from Onsi's Breath, this grindstone can sharpen a blade for the finest cut in Bangkorai.
Pearl-Handled Mudcrab Cracker This rare, jeweled mudcrab cracker is from a set used in the kitchen at the palace in Sentinel.
Pomegranate Distiller An implement used to ferment pomegranate juice and distill it into Alik'r's most popular variety of wine.
Princely Soup Spoon When Prince Azah was a child, he liked to use different spoons to taste each bowl of soup on the table before choosing one.
Queen Maraya's Scarf This colorful adornment was sewn from the finest silks sold in Sentinel.
Quicksilver Anchor This exquisite little anchor was designed to be ornamental. It features a depiction of Tava wrapped around the shank.
Red Asp Courting Oil This oil creates an intoxicating aroma. The Red Asp and his colleagues use it for wooing women and disabling their enemies.
Red Asp Riding Crop When he wants to make an impression, Ufa the Red Asp wields an ornate leather riding crop decorated with rubies and silver trim.
Red Brittle Serving Platter A beautiful platter crafted from red brittle, probably from before the dangers of unstable nirncrux were fully documented.
Redguard Messenger Pouch A large messenger pouch bearing the water symbol of Ra'Gada, the Warrior Wave. Used to carry letters and other correspondence.
Redguard Salted Mutton Platter A platter designed to serve salted mutton, made in the distinctive style of the crafters of Sentinel.
Redguard Swordmaster's Flask A silver flask engraved with the crossed scimitars of a Redguard Master of the Swirling Blades.
Ruby-Studded Book Cover This fancy book cover was among several King Fahara'jad gifted to the scholars who supported his claim to the throne.
Satakalaam Love Pouch Satakalaam nobles anonymously place scintillating notes in each others' love pouches as part of a bizarre adult game.
Seafoam Earplugs Made from hardened seafoam, some Redguards use these to keep bugs from crawling into their ears while they sleep.
Secret Roads Map This map locates several hidden passes and caves that run though the mountains between Hallin's Stand and Satakalaam.
Sentinel Cutlery A set of expertly crafted Redguard cutlery, imported from Alik'r for use only by the most discerning chefs.
Sentinel Guard Captain's Badge A badge carried by high-ranking officers of the Sentinel Guard.
Sentinel Guard Patrol Schedule This document contains details about patrol routes and shift schedules for the Sentinel Guard.
Sentinel Guard Signaling Mirror This small hand mirror was made so the Sentinel Guard can communicate across long distances.
Sentinel Lion Medal A Redguard medal bearing the image of a lion on the front and a Sentinel maker's mark on the back.
Sentinel Sipping Cup Imported from Alik'r, this cerulean-clay cup is designed to be spill-proof for the use of young children.
Set of Four Gilane Goblets Four fine glass goblets with gilt brims, imported from Gilane in southern Hammerfell.
Silken Dueling Towel When Alik'r nobles engage in a duel, it is customary to bring a dueling towel to wipe sweat from one's brow.
Silver Censer This silver vessel is etched with maritime motifs and filled with rich Alik'ri incense.
Silver Crown Candelabra Each of the eight candle holders in this candelabra are molded into a likeness of one of the Crowns' gods.
Silver Kebab Sticks A valuable set of kebab sticks often used by Crown nobles when eating goat.
Silver Sandal Spikes Footracing is a common sport in parts of the Alik'r and some runners use these sandal spikes to get a competitive edge.
Silver Serving Platter A grand silver platter with an etched rendering of Elinhir on the face.
Star Map A detailed map of the Tamrielic sky, prepared by members of the Star-Gazer Order.
Star-Gazer Medal A large, ebony medal with three constellations carved into the back of it, representing the Warrior, the Mage, and the Thief.
Star-Gazer's Lapel Pin An ornate pin, traditionally worn on the right side of the chest, that identifies the wearer as a member of the Star-Gazers.
Star-Gazer's Optical Instrument A spyglass specifically designed to gaze into the night sky and chart the movement of the stars.
Star-Gazer's Walking Stick Sings-to-Stumps, a Belkarth carpenter, crafts these simple walking sticks for Star-Gazers and anyone who does a lot of walking.
Star-Gazers' Observatory Stationery Common parchment sheets bearing the embossed seal of the observatory in Belkarth.
Steel Marlinspike A flawless steel pin used to mend rope. It was likely given as a gift to Captain Kaleen's most talented seamen.
Stone Warrior's Hand This life-like stone hand was broken off a statue in Southern Bangkorai. It's hard to imagine that it was sculpted.
Stuffed Bergama Lizard Stuffed lizards are a common gift for children in the Alik'r. They sometimes even wear tailored clothes.
Stuffed Camel Head A stuffed and mounted camel head, the eyes surprisingly alert and bright, covered with a fine layer of dust.
Stuffed Sentinel Cat Fahara'jad's daughters adopted many stray cats. The girls loved them so much, that when they died, he had them stuffed.
Supple Nord Blade Polisher An exquisitely worked strip of tiger hide, treated with an oil of giant blood and ground chicken wings. Worth every gold piece.
Supple Redguard Blade Polisher An exquisitely worked strip of lion hide, treated with an oil of snake venom and ground beetle carapace. Worth every gold piece.
Sword Master's Letter Opener This letter opener, shaped like a scimitar with a ruby hilt, is presented to Redguard officers to open official correspondence.
Sword-Disciple's Jewelled Pommel A pommel fashioned in the Yokudan style, and possibly constructed in that faraway land.
Sword-Singer's Finger-Weights These small weights help strengthen the fingers of students at Leki's Blade.
Tall Papa's Starry Tapestry This tapestry was fashioned by a Crown artisan to depict the starry sky over the desert.
Tava's Prayer Beads A string of pink pearls, accented by an olive-wood medallion carved to resemble a bird.
Three Banners War Memorabilia Mementos recovered from fallen warriors in the Three Banners War and preserved for posterity by a Craglorn relic hunter.
Token of the Red Asp The Red Asp of Hallin's Stand gives tokens to those whom he feels he owes a personal favor.
Umeen's Uplifting Unguent A popular ointment said to treat numerous bodily ailments, sold exclusively by Umeen at the Gem & Flask in Belkarth.
Vial of Sand from the Far Shores This small vial of sand allegedly came from the Aetherial realm the Redguards call the "Far Shores."
Vial of Stardust A vial full of a gleaming dust. It serves no function, but a Star-Gazer or similar scholar pays well for such curiosities.
Wamasu Hide Frilly Parasol Imported from Craglorn at great expense, this covering provides protection from sun and rain, and features a bone-grip handle.
Warrior Wave A small, carved ball of polished topaz, designed to represent Ra'Gada, the Warrior Wave.
Woven Yokudan Rug
Yldunz Candleholder Fashioned from a Dwemer gear and other trinkets, this decorative candleholder is a popular gift in Sentinel.
Yokeda's Emerald Helm-Jewel A large emerald attached to a small gold plate, designed to be the front piece of a First Era Yokeda's Helm.
Yokudan Cutlery This set of ancient forks, knives, and spoons was finely crafted, but is now valued for its age rather than its usefulness.
Yokudan House Idol An antique-looking statue, about the size of a wine glass, modeled after the house idols popular with the Yokudan people.
Yokudan Prayer Shawl An ancient shawl that bears the image of sword-wielding figures. Collectors and academics would pay handsomely for it.
Yokudan Style Flatware Cutlery modeled after Yokudan silverware and sold by Thalia the Blacksmith in Belkarth.
Yokudan War Drum A large drum that features several different Yokudan sword designs carved in its side.
Yokudan Warrior Statuette A miniature statue shaped to represent a Yokudan Sword Saint performing an ancient sword technique.
Worn by members of a secret cult of Sep, this strap is lined with silver barbs designed to dig into the wearer's chest.