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Black Marsh

"Eel-Strangler" Serving Platter Traditional platter depicting a triumphant Lord Zuthorix the Eel-Strangler, who slew his enemies with conger-eel garrottes.
"Key" to Sanguine's Demesne Carnelian cut into the shape of a key, engraved "The Key to Sanguine's Demesne, Where Fantasy is Reality."
"Stay Moist!" Brief-Axiom Wall Mosaic Flexible "Brief-Axiom" mosaic of colored stones embedded in crocodile hide, with turquoise chips spelling out "Stay Moist!"
Ancient Saxhleel Statue Likely taken from one of the Argonian ruins near Hissmir, this statue depicts a crouching Argonian holding a stylized turtle.
Argonian Affirmation Board A board of heavy, inlaid wood, set in a series of octagonal patterns. Used for various Argonian meditative exercises.
Argonian Alchemist Rack Stands-In-Thought crafts these fine, wooden racks to hold and organize jars full of alchemy components.
Argonian Cologne A small glass bottle filled with a strong-smelling liquid. It's a scent that only Argonians could find alluring.
Argonian Darkwood Tabletop The top of an Argonian-crafted table, probably made in Murkmire and shipped to Dhalmora along with a parcel of slaves.
Argonian Fruit Bowl A wooden bowl crafted by and popular with Argonians, some Dark Elves have begun to use these distinctive bowls to store fruit.
Argonian Nightmare Trap Sold exclusively by a Hlaalu trading agent in Black Marsh, this Argonian effigy wards off bad dreams and night terrors.
Argonian Reading Glass A polished and shaped piece of glass attached to a bone handle.
Argonian Scale Scraper A metal blade especially designed to groom an Argonian's scaly body by removing mites, dirt, and residual build-up.
Argonian Seed Toys These tiny figurines of animals and Argonians carved from gorapple seeds fit within a simple leather pouch.
Argonian Sipping Cup Imported from Black Marsh, this crimson-wood cup is designed to be spill-proof for the use of young children.
Argonian Spice Shaker A ceramic container with shaker holes in its lid, designed to hold spice and dispense small amounts.
Argonian Tail Band A band of colored leather worn as a decorative element on the tails of some Dhalmora Argonians. This one has bells attached.
Argonian Tail Stocking A specialty item with strategically placed pouches to hold warmed stones. Some Argonians just can't abide a cold tail.
Beetle Puffs Pastry Pan This pastry pan makes a dozen sweet beetle puffs, a Dhalmora delicacy favored by Argonians and other adventurous eaters.
Black Marsh Transportation Guide A hand-drawn map of the various underground expressways formed by the roots of the Hist trees and the common routes for traders.
Bronzed Egg Tooth A prized childhood keepsake, coated in bronze.
Chieftain's Heirloom Toad-Atlatl Enameled flinging-stick ending in a shallow cup, used in the traditional Murkwater game "The Toad Flies at Dusk."
Clam-Shell File An attractive file used to dull (or sharpen) an Argonian's claws.
Commemorative "Broken Shackles" Medal Bronze medal depicting a set of broken shackles, inscribed "Jubilee Day 572, Lukiul Uxith."
Conjectural Diorama of Silyanorn Scale model in precious woods of the Barsaebic Ayleid city of Silyanorn, the predecessor of modern-day Stormhold.
Copper Horn Caps While the "capping" fad has largely passed, there's still a market for horn adornments in Black Marsh.
Crafter's Ruler Cuts-with-the-Grain swears by this measuring stick, which is engraved with the words "measure twice, cut once."
Crawling Night Pillow Dhalmora Argonians fill their pillows with live centipedes—they love the sensation of wriggling creatures against their heads.
Crimson Ship Ticket A ticket for passage on the Crimson Ship, never used by its owner.
Deluxe Dark Elf Pantomime Joke Book Leather-bound joke book of wordless cartoons all mocking Dark Elves, their customs and personal habits; "Stormhold, 2E 578."
Dhalmora Leather Snuggle Dhalmora Argonians find the feel of these thick, leather blankets oddly comforting on cold, lonely nights.
Dhalmora Scorpion Trap A Dhalmora Argonian invention, this contraption is placed near your sleeping area to attract and capture unwanted scorpions.
Disturbing Argonian Portrait An Argonian family portrait, you find something about it to be mildly disquieting about the way the eyes follow you as you move.
Dreugh-Shell Sithis Spoon Open-bottomed "Sithis Spoon" of Bogmother dreugh-shell, used in the ritual of the Empty Feast of Nullity.
Drinks-Not Book Mark Drinks-Not-Investments, the bank in Dhalmora, distributed these stylish leather book marks to promote business.
Ebony Sithis Idol This small ebony statue depicts Sithis as a bare-skulled figure clutching an Argonian egg.
Elaborate Hist Centerpiece An imposing willow wood sculpture. Small polished jades have been inset between the roots to represent eggs.
Elegant Velvet-Lined Tail Lifter Elegant folding tail lifter made of flexible spry-wood inlaid with red cedar, with a velvet-lined lift-cuff.
Engraved Copper Plates A set of burnished copper flatware. Each piece has been stamped with the mark of the famous Argonian smith, Haj-Ja.
Erotic Argonian Etchings A set of limited-edition etchings of Argonian erotica. It is impossible to discern the gender of the participants.
Eye of Sithis See-All Some Dhalmora Argonians believe this serpent-eye gem, when placed beside their beds, will watch over them during the night.
Fin Polish A lacquered wooden jar filled with a smooth, waxy substance. Guaranteed to enhance the appearance and health of Argonian fins.
Fine Fishbone Head-Spine Snood Semi-rigid snood worn while sleeping to prevent disarrangement of an Argonian's head-spines.
Flawless Black Pearl A large and well-polished swamp pearl from the heart of Black Marsh.
Folio-Binding Kit with Head-Needle Fine snakeskin sewing kit for binding folios of parchment, with an Argonian head-spine needle.
Frog Gig with Folding Haft Xal Ithix-style barbed four-tined frog gig, with double-hinged folding haft made of Mud Tree bamboo.
Gerent's Quilted Sponge-Blanket Quilted sponge-blanket displaying the sigil of the vicecanons. It is best used for staying moist while sleeping.
Glazed Chiminea Beautiful Argonian motifs cover this small cooking oven.
Gold Counter's Promissory Drinks-with-Toes distributes these tokens of obligation to remind bank customers of their dealings with Drinks-Not-Investments.
Golden Mudcrab Plaque Gilded mudcrab mounted on dreugh-shell plaque, inscribed "Best in Class, Sunscale Strand Mudcrab Heave."
Gray Mire Angler's Creel Argonian-made croc-hide creel for stowing caught fish; includes stiffened safety-pocket for extra hook storage.
Greymist Falls Scrimshaw Tusk Delicate scrimshaw carving on imported horker tusk depicting a couple picnicking at Greymist Falls.
Haj-Mota Serving Bowl This large bowl was fashioned from the shell of a baby Haj-Mota.
Hissmir Cypress-Wood Lute Ten-stringed lute of resonant swamp-cypress wood, made by the famous Hissmir luthier Sings-Backward.
Hist Bookends A pair of masterfully carved bookends that resemble a tangle of Hist roots.
Hist Tree Crystal Orb Crystal orb containing a tiny sculpture of the Percolating Mire Hist Tree; when inverted, small white flakes shower down.
Hoarvor-Proboscis Mud Snorkel Night-snorkel to enable breathing when sleeping immersed in mud, a hoarvor proboscis engraved with paeans to Padhome.
Incomprehensible Argonian Game A game, you think, of ancient Argonian design. The rules are incomprehensible, but the carved monster pieces are nice.
Intricate Fishing Basket An expertly coiled basket made from river cane and red wasso—popular with Argonian fishwives.
Jade Cameo Sculpture This lovingly polished relief sculpture depicts an Argonian in profile.
Keeper's Everfount Inkplume Writing plume of endless ink used by Hatching Pool Keepers to keep records of eggs and their hatchlings.
Keeper's Licorice Worm Dowsing Rod Orichalc dowsing rod used for finding the underground teeming-holes of licorice worms, which Keepers feed to hatchlings.
Kothringi Abacus from Zuuk Portable Kothringi abacus employing varnished sphere-scarabs as slide-beads. The four bottom central beads are marked Z-U-U-K.
Kothringi Dream Catcher Small bits of string and beads are woven together into a small circle. There is a single black feather attached at the bottom.
Monsoon Celebrant's Helical Foont-Pipe A hollow spiral blowpipe, made of the horn of an unknown sea creature, used for foonting to welcome the annual monsoon.
Mudcrab Shell Cracker This essential Argonian tool for obtaining the succulent meat inside a steamed mudcrab can be found throughout Bal Foyen.
Murkmire Spice Grinder A wooden device for grinding spices, this one was made by Argonian crafters and imported from Black Marsh.
Naga-skin Bandit Blotter Felt-lined absorbent blotter made from the soft-scaled underbelly of a condemned Naga bandit.
Obsidian Night-Spectacles Broad pince-snout spectacles of thin but dark obsidian, worn for the Argonian practice of "Walking with Sithis."
Ooze-Blender with Spiral Spinner Fine ceramic ooze-blender jar with central rotating spiral spinner, engraved "Sundry Swills, Alten Corimont" on the bottom.
Ornamental Box of Family Egg-Shards Thornwood box with mother-of-pearl inlay containing a selection of family egg-shards going back several generations.
Pejureel's Party Platter Chef Pejureel in Dhalmora sells a surprising number of these turtle-shell platters. Perfect for any party.
Polished Wooden Spoon A stained and polished Saxhleel ladle, highly sought after by many Imperial chefs.
Porcelain Snake Sweat Jar A decorative porcelain jar, used to store and dispense a favorite beverage of Dhalmora Argonians: tasty snake sweat.
Ranic's Leather Oil A jar of oil intended for use on leather. Many Dhalmora Argonians use it to keep their scales smooth and shiny.
Raw Silk Linens Rough-spun linens gathered from an Argonian caterpillar farm.
Replica Chid-Moska Xanmeer Small replica of a xanmeer carved in soapstone, engraved "Chid-Moska" underneath, with an "X" crudely carved at the apex.
Sap-Speaker Moppet Doll A doll modeled after an Argonian Sap-Speaker, albeit with a large head and smaller body, rarely seen this far from Murkmire.
Seashell Wind Chimes When Iron-In-Blood takes a break from crafting weapons, he makes these delicate chimes from local seashells.
Shadowfen Mud Collection Collection of eight sealed glass jars, each containing a sample of mud from a different region of Shadowfen.
Shrew-Skull Jar-Top Opener Fancy jar-top opener that uses the open-mouthed skull of a giant shrew, labeled "Courtesy of Beleth's Swamp Food."
Small Copper Theilul Still Compact copper apparatus for distilling moon-sugar cane into theilul, the dark Argonian rum.
Stormhold "Stingaree" Tail Prosthesis Fancy lacquered giant-wasp thorax with flexible bands for tail attachment, worn in the "Fredas Night Stingaree."
Stormhold-Style Silver Slide-Flute Slide-flute, silver, of the type used for playing the traditional jig "Dancing on Eggs" in the Stormhold Fredas Night Stingaree.
Stout Grass Rope A coil of strong, fibrous rope. This sturdy weave is an old Argonian secret.
Swamp Eel Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve roasted swamp eel at Argonian feasts.
Teeba-Hatsei Ball This remarkably heavy ball is used in the popular Argonian sport of Teeba-Hatsei, or "Hip and Tail Ball."
Teeba-Hatsei Hip Pad Worn by Murkmire "hip-and-tail-ball" players, this padding of wood and dried wasso leaves is a conversation piece in Bal Foyen.
Thick Quill Pen This quill was drawn from the corpse of a mighty Hack-Wing.
Vicecanon's Cloth-of-Gold Armband Symbol of office for a Vicecanon of Stormhold and "All Surrounding Domains Appertaining Thereto," says the label.
Wamasu-Hide Tarpaulin This sturdy tarp is tightly stitched and extremely durable.
Wasp-Wing Betrothal Veil Heirloom Argonian betrothal veil woven of the wings of Shadowfen wasps, both ordinary and giant.
White Rose Warden's Knout Brooch White Rose Prison Warden's symbol of office, a platinum brooch in the shape of a truncheon ending in a short three-lashed whip.
Winter Warding Talisman A talisman sold in back alleys, it supposedly keeps Argonians warm despite the cold of the Rift, but keep a blanket handy.
Xal Thak Dental Marimba Small marimba, with mallets, made of carefully-selected resonant reptile teeth on a nonatonic scale.
  Ceremonial shovel used to add a final pat of muck to a mud-house, with "Forsaken Hamlet" crudely scrawled on the blade.
  Crystal water bowl intended as a "live inkwell." It holds a single black marsh-squid as a living source of ink.