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Appeared in: TESA: Redguard.

Iszara is Cyrus sister. She married Hakan, a member of Forebear faction of Hammerfell. Iszara family is from the Crown family. Forebear and Crown are the factions of Hammerfell, and at that time the throne was in the hand of the Crown, as a descendent from Na-Totambu, the ruler clan of Yokuda. Forebear on the other hand was the descendent of the warrior clan, also known as Ra-Gada, who wrestled Hammerfell from the beastfolks.

Then the Forebear was started taking the throne, and Iszara family started to break down. During a celebration, the drunken Hakan insulted Iszara's father and hit Iszara. Seeing this, hot-blooded Cyrus sheathed his sword. Sword fighting erupted, and in the end, Hakan was cut down. Cyrus fled the city and swore to never come back.

Several years later, the High King of Hammerfell died and the Empire of Tiber Septim invaded. Prince A'Tor, the heir of Hammerfell fled to Stros M'Kai. Iszara was close to the Prince. She infiltrated the pirate group called Restless League. The league became A'Tor's secret militia to battle the Imperial ships.

Then Amiel Richton launched the attack to Stros K'Kai. Prince A'Tor was defeated. His soul was transferred to a soulgem when the Prince was dying. The soulgem came to the possession of the Restless League, and the body of the Prince was hidden in the Temple of Arkay. The Hammerfell resistance planned to resurrect Prince A'Tor when the time is right.

Several months passed, and yet the league leader, Basil, did not take action to resurrect the Prince. Seeing this hesitancy, Iszara stole the soulgem and tried to resurrect the Prince by herself. She met N'Gasta the Necromancer. N'Gasta wanted to make a good relation with the new ruler of Stros M'Kai, Iszara was captured and the soulgem was eventually became Amiel Richton's possession.

Then Cyrus came. He eventually released Iszara and took back the soulgem. Together with the Restless League and a family of Yokudan Witch, they tried to resurrect the Prince. However the ritual ended with different result. The Prince's soul entered his sword instead.

The league was disappointed, but Cyrus encouraged the league with his speech. The league agreed to attack the harbor of Stros M'Kai as planned and Cyrus with the Soul Sword of Prince A'Tor would enter the palace and kill the Amiel Richton.

In the end, Richton was killed, and Restless League took over Stros M'Kai. Tiber Septim was forced to negotiate the terms of peace between Hammerfell and the Empire. Cyrus left Hammerfell once more, Iszara with the Soul Sword of Prince A'Tor in her possession, stayed in Stros M'Kai.