Infernal City Lore Notes: Other

This page contains lore-relevant quotes and summaries from Infernal City, by Greg Keys. Some quotes have been truncated to improve clarity.


A story tells of a Skyrim boy, the child of rape and attempted murder, who was born with a knife instead of a right hand. He carved his way out of his mother and went on to kill those who had "wronged her and many who had not." The story is popular with assassins and the boy is something of a patron. p.22

Dalk is an old word for "knife" in the northern tongue (Nordic?). p.22

Attrebus' hunting lodge is "built on the plan of an ancient Nord longhouse, each beam and cornice festooned with carvings of dragons, bulls, boars, leering wild men, and dancing, long-tressed women." p.121

Spying on the Nords is considered worse than doing sewer duty by the Intelligence Agency. p.156

Saunas are popular in Skyrim. p.196

Summerset Isles

A tsunami hit the Isles in the early 4th era. It was likely a result of the fall of the Ministry of Truth, which gives us an idea of how absolutely massive the impact was. p.3

The goal of the Thalmor is "the pacification and purification of all of Tamriel – to bring about a new Merithic era." p.154

The Thalmor harass refugees from the Summerset Isles and Valenwood, and are somehow involved in Elsweyr as well. p.154


Tales of Southern Waters, and Most Current and High Adventures of Prince Attrebus, are two books found in Chorrol (and likely the rest of Cyrodiil). p.7

"No food, no wine, no lover's kiss is as beautiful as long, deep, breath." is a quotation from Astorie, book 3. p.24

The Mages Guild is no longer an official institution. It has been replaced by the College of Whispers and the Synod, both Imperially sanctioned. p.40

Oblivion Crisis led to big influx of Daedra related alchemical ingredients. p.41

Something called a "Virtue Test" can determine the properties of Alchemical ingredients down to the school of magic they belong too. This test is however new, and may miss certain effects. p.42

The Coo is a "life-sized likeness of a sparrow constructed of a fine metal the color of brass but as light as paper. Each individual feather had been fashioned exquisitely and separately, and its eyes were garnets set in ovals of some darker metal." It comes with a locket and awakens when touched. p.42

Iorth, someone/something to be cursing by. "By Iorth!" p.60

Vehrumasas translates roughly to "kitchen" in a Ehnofex related dialect (possibly native/exclusive to Umbriel). p.73

There is a potion that allows communication between people of different languages. Both need to take it to understand each other. p.91

Tralan the Two-Blade of Cespar was one of Titus Mede's most valued men. 98

Arenthia, and Valenwood in general, is not under Imperial control. Attrebus believes the city can be taken with a thousand men and the support of the locals. p.104

Vaernima is referred to as the "Dark Lady"

Some believe that stars are "fragments of Magnus, who made the world."

There is a spell that allows one to talk to the ghosts of the recently departed. p.140

Slarjei are some sort of mount well suited for the desert. p.149

The Dwemer used to make "toys" similar to the Coo. p.166

Ichor of Winged Twilight is a black liquid that smells "cold, like eucalyptus or mint". It is used in levitation potions. p.41, p.220

Most Dunmer remaining after the destruction of Morrowind are now on Soulstheim. p.235

There is at least one volcanic crater in Hammerfell. p.257

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