Infernal City Lore Notes: Morrowind

Librarian Note:

This page contains lore-relevant quotes and summaries from Infernal City, by Greg Keys. Some quotes have been truncated to improve clarity.

A tsunami hit Morrowind in the late early 4th era. It was, presumably, the result of the fall of the Ministry of Truth. p.3

The Ministry of Truth retained its original velocity after being stopped by the power of Vivec’s will. p.213

After Vivec “left, or was destroyed” [check out the Trial of Vivec for one explanation] Morrowind’s best minds crated the ingenium, a machine that uses souls to keep the Ministry stationary. p.213

After Sul rescued Ilxheven, his lover, from the Ingenium, it exploded, sending Vuhon and Sul into Oblivion. The explosion caused the Ministry of Truth to fall onto Vivec, which in turn caused the eruption of Red Mountain. p.213

The fall of the Ministry brought about the Red Year. p.214

“The ingenium used souls to keep a sort of vent into Oblivion open, specifically into the realm of the daedra prince, Clavicus Vile…
Vile has a thing for souls… and if he noticed the rift at all, he probably enjoyed what was coming through more than he missed the energies going out. It is even possible that Vuhon made a formal bargain with the prince.” p.214

The eruption of Red Mountain destroyed “most” of Morrowind’s cities. p.234

What remains of Vivec is “an island of ash and shattered stone, still surrounded by water, but this water appeared to be boiling. The steaming air stank of hard minerals, and the sky was bleak and gray.” p.256

“The island stood in the center of a bay that as close to perfectly circular, with a rim standing somewhat higher that the island except in one place where it opened into a sea or larger lake.[…]

“To the left, beyond the rim, the land rose up in rugged mountains.” p.257

The Argonians associate some sort of ritual with the crater of Vivec, now called the Scathing Bay. p.259

“It wasn’t enough that the ministry fell; the impact caused the volcano that was the heart and namesake of Vvardenfell to explode. Ash, lava, and tidal waves had done their work, and when that was calmed, the Argonians had come, eager to repay what survived of his people for millennia of abuse and enslavement.” p.261

There are (were?) Argonian villages in southern Morrowind.

The spirit of Ilzheven is tied to the crater of Vvardenfell or what remains of the ingenium. p.262

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