Infernal City Lore Notes: Cyrodiil

This page contains lore-relevant quotes and summaries from Infernal City, by Greg Keys. Some quotes have been truncated to improve clarity.

Lank Fellow Inn is an inn in Chorrol. It has at least two stories, an upper for sleep and a lower dining area. p.6

People from Weye come to the Imperial City to sell wares at market, and depart after the day is done. p.23

The Undertow is a tavern in Anvil which serves dark beer. p.23

Telhall is a sort of dormitory for the Penitus Oculatus. p.25

Ingrebis Songblade exploited the factions in Cheydinhal. Time frame and specifics unknown. p.70

There are many bandits around Cheydinhal. p.105

"Titus Mede had been – and was – many things. A soldier in an outlaw army, a warlord in Colovia, a king in Cyrodiil, and Emperor." p.108

Attrebus and Titus Mede "looked much alike, having the same lean face and strong chin, the same green eyes. [Attrebus] had gotten his own slightly crooked nose and blond hair from his mother; his father's hair was auburn, although now it was more than half silver." The Emperor's forehead is wrinkled and his hair curly. p.108

Titus Mede "took [the Imperial City] with under a thousand men." He also "routed Eddar Olin's northward thrust barely twice that." p.109

"Ione wasn't picturesque; a few of the houses were rickety wooden structures faded gray, but most were stone or brick and simply built. Even the small chapel of Diabella was rather plain." p.119

"The square was mostly stone, oddly cracked and melted as if from terrible heat of some stranger force. Two bent columns projected up in the middle, each about ten feet high, and together they resembled the truncated horns of an enormous steer." These were the ruins of an Oblivion gate. p.120

"When this [gate] opened, it opened right in the middle of a company of soldiers recalled from the south to fortify the Imperial City. More than half of them were killed, including the commander. They would have all died, but a captain named Tertius Ione managed to pull the survivors together and withdraw. But rather than retreat all the way to the Imperial City, he instead recruited farmers and hunters from the countryside and Pell's Gate. The he made them into something more than what they were. They returned and slaughtered the Daedra here, and when they were done with that, he led them trough the gate itself. […]

"He'd heard that the gate at Kvatch had been closed somehow by entering it. So Ione went in with about half his troops and left the rest here, to guard against anything else coming out. …It closed, but captain Ione was never seen again. One of his men – a Bosmer named Fenton – appeared weeks later, half dead and half mad. From what little he said that made sense, they reckoned Ione and the rest sacrificed themselves to give Fenton a chance to sabotage the portal. The Bosmer died the next day, raving. […]

"Ione was gone for a long time before the gate exploded, and in the meantime his company built some fortifications and simple buildings. Once the gate was gone, it was a convenient and relatively safe place, so a lot of people stayed, and over time the town grew." p.120

"Across the morning gold of [lake Rumare] stood the Imperial City, a god's wagon-wheel laid down on an island in the center of the lake. The outer curve of the while wall was half in shadow, and he could make out three of what would – in any other city – be deemed truly spectacular guard towers. But those were dwarfed by the magnificent spoke of the wheel -- the White-Gold Tower, thrusting up toward the unknowable heavens." p.122

Attrebus, and likely many other nobles, know that the towers serve to keep "Mundus… from dissolving back into Oblivion" and/or to keep Oblivion at bay. "Everyone agrees [the White-Gold Tower] has power, but no one knows exactly what kind." p.123

There are springs "neat the overgrown ruins of Sardarvar Leed, where the ancient Ayleid elves had once herded [Attrebus'] ancestors, bred them for work and pleasure." p.124

"They were on a hunting trail of some sort, surrounded by massive oak and ash trees. The land rolled a bit, so it was a good guess they weren't in the Niben Valley anymore… [Attrebus'] best guess is that they were somewhere in the West Weald…" p.126

Ione, Pell's Gate, Sweetwater, and Easterbridge are towns located near each other in (or near) the West Weald. p.137

The "Natives" are a rebel faction from County Skingrad who are known to behead their victims. p.138

Mortal is a town surrounded by willows on a river in Colovia. p.140

Attrebus fought a battle at Dogtrot fort: the official story is that they were outnumbered 10-to-1 by insurgents, the real story is that they faced half their number in prisoners. p.147

There are Thalmor nests and sympathizers throughout Cyrodiil, and the Penitus Oculatus keeps undercover agents in at least one of them. p.152

Penitus Oculatus is an Imperially run intelligence and assassination agency which appears to have replaced the Blades. Relmar Vel is its Administrator and Marall its Intendant. p.153

It is believed that the Natives (and possibly other insurgent groups) are funded by the Thalmor. p.154

Leyawiin is "restless" under the rule of Titus Mede. p.155

Titus Mede has a brother. He is kept under tight surveillance for fear that he might try and usurp the throne. p.155

Anvil grows quiet at dusk as people retire to their homes or to the pubs. p.157

In the market district at dusk, "the streets were crowded with trinket vendors and soothsayers, self-styled prophets of any daedra or Divine imaginable. Women, mostly comely ones, stood outside of alehouses, flirting to attract business, and there were others of both genders and all races flirting to sell somewhat different wares. Beggars choked the edges of walkways, and little stalls were turning out the enticing smell of roasted oysters, fried cheese, bread, skewered meats, and burnt sugarcane.
People wandered in crowds…

"The Crown's Hammer was off the main thoroughfare, around a corner and almost hidden in an alley. It was a half-timbered building, very old." It catered mostly to Colovians, and serves a "strong, sweet" ale with "just a taste of juniper," which is a Colovian style popular in western Cyrodiil but hard to find in the east. p.157

Colovians eastern Cyrodiil are primarily military. p.158

Members of the Penitus Oculatus are known colloquially as "spectres" and are generally disliked. p. 158

Cheydiinhal is famous for its 30 layer cakes. p.174

Saunas "have come and gone as a fashion in Cyrodiil." p.196

It would take more than twenty days to get from Bravil to Vivec through the Valus mountains. p.212

Water's Edge is "a bustling market town that – like Ione – had done most of its growing In the last few decades. During the years when the old Empire was collapsing, it had served as a free port when Bravil and Leyawiin were independent and often at odds with each other, and Water's Edge had been protected by both and by what remained of the Imperial Navy." p. 223

The College of Whispers has a cynosure in Water's Edge p.223

The Imperial Garrison at Water's Edge consists of "a couple wooden barracks flanking an older building of dark stone. p.225

There is a tavern called "Little Orsinium" in Water's Edge. p.226

The Gaping Frog is a tavern "just off the town square" in Water's Edge. p.228

Letine Arese is an "assistant to the minister" and is a "petite, blond woman of thirty years." p.266

The Foaming Flask is a tavern in the Imperial City. p.267

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