Gosleigh’s letter – 20 Rain’s Hand

20 Rain’s Hand
Nicrythe Tower,

My Dear Xal,

It’s been ten days and I’ve yet to receive any word from you. I’m hoping that you’re not dead. I’m hoping further that the seeds and saplings I asked you to send are en route with a letter. Springtide is turning to Summertide and if I don’t have the plants soon, it will be too late to set them properly.

I’ve instructed my assistant Jolfer to take care of anything I receive over the next couple of days or weeks. I can’t go into the details, but suffice it to say, I will be in the Dreaming Cave. Yes. And to your next question, no, there is no one but me who can go on this. Believe me, Direnni, who is a fool (which is made plainer every day) would take my place if he could.

So you see there is no telling how long I will be gone. I’ve specifically told Jolfer not to open any letters addressed to me (fearing that you might make reference to my recent shipment, which the Council of Artaeum might frown upon), but don’t let that hold you back. I demand as my right as your friend to hear everything about your trip.

Now I must go. They must tattoo me for my trip. I’m sure I’ll look like a perfect ass. The daedra should be very amused.


P.S.: Do you know anything about an imp named Erator? I seem to be getting his mail. Very puzzling fellow.

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