Excerpt from Warlords of the Ra Gada

Released In:

Though it remains unknown exactly what happened to the islands of Yokuda in the First Era, we do know that the Ra Gada, or “warrior wave,” of Yokudans arrived in the south of Hammerfell having fled catastrophic destruction. It did not take long for these fierce warlords to carve out a home in Tamriel with their iconic curved swords, but they made few friends in their initial hostility.

The Anka-Ra were among the most fearsome of the warrior bands of the Ra Gada. Led by the ruthless Emperor Tarish-Zi, their mastery of the blade was renowned among their own people. They cut a bloody swath all the way into Craglorn in their hunger to claim a new home, leaving few survivors. One can only imagine what it was like to face the fury of their blades.

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