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This early draft of the Thieves Guild questline is totally different from what we saw in game. Notably, it features a secret Dominion prison, a Nocturnal cult, the Dark Brotherhood, and something called The Violet Lodge.


“We’re going to walk through one start to finish. First, we’ll meet the client, Isabella,  in Abah’s Landing. Bronric can take you there. Once you speak to her,  we’ll travel to the target. You’ll be in charge of scouting the routes in. Ready to go?”

“Isabella? Well, she’s mad! You can’t trust her. She made an attempt on my life herself not long ago. I only spared hers on the agreement that she’d leave here, never to return. I save her life and she repays me in death.”

“And you won’t regret it! I swear it. I only ask that Isabella be your first contract. I can’t risk her out there after this. I’ll only need a bit to gather the necessities to perform the ritual.”

“A woman named Isabella performed the sacrament.”

Eupherus and the Ritual

“Get to Abah’s and meet up with Eupherus. He’s your transfer point to the Vault, so you’ll find him on the docks. We’ll be right behind you, but keeping at a safe distance. See you on the island!”

“I’m your Guide, the helpful cultist while Eupherus performs initiation rites. I’ve been watching the proceedings and have a plan. Gwen is nearby and you’ll need to play along with Eupherus for a bit. Then, we act.”

“I’ve been watching Eupherus. He’s incredibly superstitious and gets really into things when he’s initiating someone. I think the Guide’s job is to do something if he’s too wrapped up in the ritual to notice.I think we can exploit that.”

“Eupherus has left the room to ‘consult with his peers’ when the lights in here flickered oddly. I think we can fake an act of Daedra. If it works, Eupherus will leave the room for a moment, and Gwen can act. She’s up in the corner. Don’t say hello.”

“Nocturnal likes her darkness. So, at the height of this ritual,we plunge the room into darkness. I’ll stand by this brazier, and when Eupherus isn’t looking, you move to the other. We extinguish both at the same time. Act of Daedra.”

“You are a shadow beyond the pale shades you might find here. Your initiation must be proper. Make whatever arrangements you need, then meet me at the docks in Abah’s Landing. From there we shall sail to the secret Vault of Shadows. Bring this token.”

“This token was given to me by Eupherus to use when I meet him for my initiation at Abah’s Landing.”


“Meet Gwenneth in Abah’s Landing”

“Don’t know if you’d know her. She’s a sneaky little thief named Gwenneth. The Queen wants her locked up somewhere she can do no harm. But I’m giving away too much. Whoops. Silly little me. You can take this prisoner to the Meat Locker.”

“No,  this is Gwen’s mission. I’m not much for sneaking past pirates. But this is a perfect job for Gwenneth and Nick. In fact, you should speak with my assistant now and let me get back to work.”

“I haven’t had a moment’s peace around here since Nicolas stormed off. Gwennether insists on being my “assistant” even though I never asked for her help.”

“Danni wants to recruit the last member for the big operation she’s planning. That person is Gwenneth, a master thief. Unfortunately, Gwenneth is locked away in a high security prison known as Xarxes’ Rebuke.”

“Make sure you take that Eyes of the Queen disguise. We’ll need it for getting inside. Let’s just hope we can fool the guards long enough to get Gwenneth.”

“Gwenneth’s a prisoner in Xarxes’ Rebuke. It’s a secret prison of the Aldmeri Dominion. It’s supposed to hold political prisoners and enemies of the state. Don’t really know why Gwen’s there, though.”

“Glad to see you back from the prison. I’ve heard of Gwenneth, but never actually met her before.”

“Nicolas has agreed to join us on the mission. I should meet him and Gwenneth at Abah’s Landing.”

“I should travel to the Cybiades Atoll with Nick and Gwenneth.”

“I’m on the atoll. I should speak with Gwenneth and get the game plan from her.”

“All right, rook. We are officially in a part of the prison we’re not supposed to be. The guards are already suspicious of us, and it won’t get any easier. But we’ve got to press on. Gwen’s cell shouldn’t be too far now.”

“Careful, rook. We’ve left the area we were supposed to be. The guards will surely be looking for us. But Gwen’s cell should be close now. We’ve got to press on. Just mind the guards.”

“We’re in. Now what do we do with that blasted contraption the Vexa gave you?”

“I don’t really remember. Something about fastening them to the portholes. Or something like that.”

“That’s a little – too easy for Vexa. You sure about that? No matter. Rook, we’ll take care of rigging the ship here. You should go lower the boom. The key to the tower’s in the wharfmaster’s house. We’ll take care of the ship.”

“That’s pretty… easy for something Vexa made. No matter. Rook, we’ll finish setting up here. Go lower the boom. You’ve got the key from the wharfmaster, yes? Lower the boom, and we’ll sail away.”

“Oh hello, Nick! It’s good to see you! You’re a sight for sore eyes. What brings you to my lovely little cell?”

“Me? Just out for a little stroll with my new friend here. Danni sent us to visit you. You know I couldn’t pass up a chance of seeing your lovely face.”

“Aw, you shouldn’t have. I’m too comfortable here. But if you insist on freeing me, then go ahead and undo the switches. I’d help you, but I don’t really know how it’s done.”

“Who is that? Danni? What in blazes are you doing here? I”

“Gwenneth, my lovely thief,  I’m here to spring you out. We need you for a job I’ve got planned. You willing to join me? Assuming,  of course,  that we can get you out of here.”
“Sure,  why not? Sounds like a alark. Say,  who’s your friend here?”

“Oh, this is the Rook. They’ve joined my crew. Don’t worry, you can trust them. In fact
the Rook’s going to help me get you out of this cell right now. Hang tight, will you?”

“We’ve got it! Now, let’s get out of here!”

Headman Cosh and his party

“Yes, it’s the big recruitment party for the Violet Lodge. It’s held at Headman Cosh’s manor in Abah’s Landing. We’ll need each one of our members to contribute their talents on that mission. But first, I have a special mission just for you.”

“Tall Papa himself must have spoken to the Headman. Have you seen some of the outfits this year?”

“There’s this darling little shop in Sentinel, just off the market. Find that toad of a clothier
Fahad, and mention my name. He’ll tell you all about it.”

“Perhaps Headman Cosh, in his infinite wisdom, has begun a charitable works crusade. Ha ha.”

“Oh, I know my dear. Did you see what Madame Lafarge was wearing? Ghastly.”

“Oh, that is droll. Perhaps we can participate in a donation drive. This season’s fashions for the less fortunate. Ha ha!”

“My dear, I love your mask this year. Wherever did you get it?”

“Obayrine, dear. Have you spoken to the Headman yet?”

“Of course, darling, of course! Don’t worry, I’ll speak to him tonight.”

“I just ask because my dear husband is very set on joining the Lodge. We’ve heard so much about it, and – well, you know.”

“By now you’ve found my little present in your bedchamber. You have disappointed me,  Banu. Word of your sad performance before the Emissary of the King reached my ears,  and I just had to offer commentary. Do not fail me like this again,  or you will find the next message harder to miss.- Headman Cosh, Lord and Master of Abah’s Landing”

The Vault of Shadows

“Gwenneth needs your help. We’re going to steal a boat from Captain White Mane.”

“We need that ship in order to get our whole crew to the vault. Gwenneth will have more information for you about this mission.”

“We’re stealing a ship called “The Punctured Eye.” Captain White Mane’s holding it on the Cybiades Atoll. She’s got her crew crawling all over the atoll.”

“First, we need invitations. And you’re going to help me get them. We’ll need three of them in total. One for you, one for Vexa, and one for Gwenneth.”

“In order to steal the skeleton key from the Vault of Shadows, the crew needs to find a way to get to the vault. Danni has a plan. Together with Nick and Gwenneth, I am to steal a ship worthy enough to transport the crew to the vault.”

“Nicolas and Gwenneth have sailed away with the ship. I should return to the Gray Barrows and report to Danni.”

Confronting Danni about the Violet Lodge

“Well look who’s back. How are you, bright eyes? Where’s Danni?”

“Lookie here, gang. Our lovely friend here discovered something nefarious about our fearless leader.”

“Is that so? What’s the news? Did some of Danni’s old love letters crop up or something?”

“Love letters? Why would that be important. If so, I’ll be very cross that you dragged me away from my work for something so trivial.”

“Ladies, ladies. Allow me to illuminate your illustrious minds. It seems our friend found a note from one of the Lodge members to Dann. Seems pretty friendly, too, as if she was an old chum of the Lodge.”

“What? I don’t believe that. Let me see that note.”

“And I quote: ‘On behalf of the Violet Lodge blah blah blah we are very excited for you to join our ranks blah blah blah Sincerely, Danni.’ Well, I’d say that speaks for itself now, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t know. I’m sure there’s a perfectly sound explanation for whatever that is.”

“There must be. Come, rook,  follow me. There’s only one way to find out. We’ll have to find more evidence in Danni’s room.”

“I don’t think we should be rummaging through Danni’s stuff when she’s away. It doesn’t feel right.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I go through your stuff all the time. There’re no secrets among thieves.”

“I think you mean “there’s no honor among thieves.””

“Same thing. And – there. The door’s unlocked. Come on, friend. Let’s see what Danni might be hiding from us.”

“Danni! Why, don’t you look lovely today. Welcome back. Did everything go well with your little adventure?”

“Shut it, Nick. Vexa, what were you doing in my room? What’s going on here?”

“The Rook found a note you sent to one of the Lodge members years ago. We were in your rooms because we were suspicious and wanted to find out more.”

“Did you find anything good, Vex?”

“We found a Violet Lodge uniform in her room. She was hiding it from us. What do you make of that?”

“I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation for all of this. Danni would never be a part of something like the Violet Lodge. Right, Danni?”

“It’s – it’s true, Gwen. I was a part of the Violet Lodge. But I can explain!”

“Oh, this should be good!”

“Let her speak, Nick. She deserves to say her peace.”’

“I was young and desperate. The Lodge took me in and took care of me. They gave me safety and a sense of purpose. I was happy there. I didn’t know any better.”

“I see. So you’re still working with them, then. And you’re playing each of us for fools.”

“No, I’m not with the Lodge anymore. I left them years ago, when I was older and wiser and their true rotteness was exposed. And I vowed that when I left I would get my revenge on them.”

“We believe you, Danni. We all have a past. Something we don’t want to come to light. But there’s no use dwelling on it now. Besides, we’ve got a party to get ready for.”

“Speak for yourself, Gwenneth, you beautiful vixen. But yes, you are correct. It’s time to party. Let’s put on our best faces and get ready to please Danni’s old friends.”

“Iranya must be new to the Lodge if she left her house wide open like this. You’d think a secret organization would train their recruits better than that.”

“Cosh must be loosening his purse strings. The Lodge would never put one of their members in a boat such as this one.”

“I’ve heard of Miss Ancois’s activities in the Lodge. She’s lazy and untrustworthy, even for a member of the Lodge. Seems fitting that we could just waltz right in here.”

“The Violet Lodge doesn’t emply many Argonians. They’re afraid the connection to the Hist would spoil their secret plans. This Argonian must be rather untrustworthy to be a member of the Lodge.”

“This place reeks of cat urine. I think the Lodge must be pulling some strings with the local Jarl. They should condemn this building based on the smell alone.”

“Old Frikkhild is well connected in this city. The Lodge was wise to recruit her.”

The Dark Brotherhood

“Brothers and Sisters! The Listener is going to make a speech. Everyone to the center of the Sanctuary!”

“Come on, Bronric. You need to hear this, too.”

“My fellow brothers and sisters.”

“We’ve grown lax at maintaining and enforcing the five tenets.”

“It’s creating a weakness within our ranks
but no more.”

“I’ve prayed to the Night Mother and the answer is the Wrath of Sithis.”

“The Wrath has been chosen and now walks among us!”

“There will be repercussions for your actions.”

“Uphold the five tenets. Or face the Wrath of Sithis!”

“Now go!”

“Shara, you wouldn’t dare! The tenets forbid it!”

“Say hello to Sithis for me, dear sister!”

“You again! We serve the Whisperer now, but we’ll crush you just the same.”

Abah’s Landing General

“Some consider mudcrab to be the food of a commoner–the staple of a peasant. This is truly uninspired on the part of the masses–such a versatile food is as essential to Tamriel as massive wheels of cheese. As such,  I require a barrel of mudcrab meat to be delivered daily so I may develop a compilation of the finest recipes of Abah’s Landing for publication.  Not only will you be promoting the culture of Cybiades with your contribution,  but I will also provide the typical payment for your services. -Master Chef He-Cuts-the-Flesh, Cybiades”

“People who need storage solutions come to me. That is the way of things here in Abah’s Landing. Such things do not change,  and there are many such things here.”

“You’re new around here, yeah? We don’t tend to get too many new people in Abah’s Landing. Wonder what you’re here for. Anything requiring the finest of tailored leatherwear?”

“Get Nick to quit his crying. I’ll meet you at Abah’s Landing.”

“I wonder where the pull of adventure will take me next? Maybe someplace warmer. I hear it’s nice in Abah’s Landing this time of year. Anyway, despite your strange predilections, you were mostly helpful in the barrow. You have my thanks for that.”

“Captain Blackheart is known as the scourge of Iliac Bay. I hear he sails out of coves in Alik’r. Even that barnacle of a town, Abah’s Landing.”

“Nicolas has agreed to join us on the mission. I should meet him and Gwenneth at Abah’s Landing.”

“Ann wants me to create a little chaos in Abah’s Landing. She’s asked me to speak to Abadarun,  a friend of hers at the bar known as the Lass.”

“Banu is set to lead me on a tour of Abah’s Landing. I should leave the Hall to accompany him.”

“Banu has abruptly ended his tour of Abah’s Landing after seeing my handiwork. I should start making my way up to the Magistrate’s Hall.”

“Ann wanted to talk to me about the events on Abah’s Landing, but I had to leave. I should return to her side to hear her out.”

“I’ll take the device. You find Nicolas and drag his sorry ass to Abah’s Landing. I’ll meet you there.”

“Emissary, a thousand pardons to you. I wished only to show you the best of Abah’s Landing,  and you have seen but the worst. Let us cut this short, for now.”

“I say we put the question to the outsider, here. You are not of Abah’s Landing. I put the decision in your hands.”

“This token will allow me to travel to Abah’s Landing for free if I speak to Azbael.”

“This book is filled with notes and evidence implicating Ann in the recent events at Abah’s Landing.”

“This book is filled with notes and evidence implicating Banu in the recent events at Abah’s Landing.”

“This simple uniform bears the sigil of Abah’s Landing and Headman Cosh. It is sized for a male guard.”

“Vulkhel Guard, my new friend. We need to catch a boat that will take you to our destination: Abah’s Landing. Find Azbael and give her this token. She’ll ship you there, no questions asked. I’ll meet you at the docks in Abah’s when you arrive.”

“Davon’s Watch, my new friend. We need to catch a boat that will take you to our destination: Abah’s Landing. Find Azbael and give her this token. She’ll ship you there, no questions asked. I’ll meet you at the docks in Abah’s when you arrive.”

“Daggerfall, my new friend. We need to catch a boat that will take you to our destination: Abah’s Landing. Find Azbael and give her this token. She’ll ship you there, no questions asked. I’ll meet you at the docks in Abah’s when you arrive.”

“It seems we have a mutual friend. This token affords you one free trip to Abah’s Landing, but only one. After that, Azbael leaves you ship captains and their dealings. This is understood, yes?”

“Dusk be damned. They took the cypher! Lerien may be lazy, but the least he could do is stay alive. That dagger and feather? They’re a sign left by Nocturnal Cultists. We have to figure out where they’re hiding here in Abah’s Landing.”

“Ahh, such a beauty. Such craftsmanship! Welcome to Abah’s Landing. The waters of the aquaduct sing at your arrival. The zephyrs that sweep along our gentle beaches whisper your name. Our honest merchants will treat you with the utmost respect.”

“We need to speak quietly, Emissary. As I have said, I only wish to serve the crown. But Abah’s Landing serves two masters. Headman Cosh – you know of him?”

“That’s a good rook. You’re probably the only one he’ll talk to right now. When he’s good and sober, meet us at Abah’s Landing. But wait until Vexa’s finished her device. Looks like she’s almost done.”

“We are, are we? That sounds like a jolly ol’ lark. He’s still stationed on Abah’s Landing, I take it? No matter. I shall meet you and Gwenneth there. Thanks again for your help, rook.”

“Our little plans are more than just plays for sweet, sweet revenge. I’m not content to sit on my laurels, be an ex-captain forever. I want the prize Banu is sitting on. I want to be Magistrate for Abah’s Landing.”

“Ann’s admitted to me this was all a plan to put her in power, to replace Banu as the Magistrate of Abah’s Landing. She’s made me a part of her crew, a trusted advisor. All that’s left is the last step.”

General Dialog

“This reminds me of the time I helped to steal a frigate from King Emeric’s royal navy. It was a good boat, too, until Nicholas decided to get drunk and steer the ship blindfolded.”

“I never understood why my people aligned with the Bretons. Look at this house. It has no charm to it. Just like the Bretons themselves.”

“Oh, Daggerfall. This place brings back memories. I’v broken into this tower before. Meline must’ve gotten a little wiser over the years. Still not wise enough, though.”

“Altmer houses are so… gaudy. I can’t imagine how those elves live in such garish surroundings. Give me the sands of Alik’r any day.”

“She’s really put some effort into this place. Meline must’ve decided to redecorate after I robbed her blind last time.”

“Ugh. Argonians. No wonder their door wasn’t locked. Who’d want to steal from this dingy mud hut?”

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