Elsweyr My Love, Page 5

Julius Cruilius: [boasting and inebriated]"... and that is how I, Julius Cruilius, earned my current promotion to Imperial commander!"

Shashara: [stifling a yawn] "A very dramatic tale of the engagement, commander. Oh, I think I hear the bard tuning their lute. We should rejoin the crowd in the main room."

Julius Cruilius: [leering as he finishes his wine and reaches for Shashara's arm] "Now it is time for a different engagement."

Shashara: [gracefully eluding Cruilius's grasping hand] "This one is not that kind of Khajiit, commander. You insult me."

Julius Cruilius: [belligerent] "Insult you? Do you know who I am?"

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