Elsweyr My Love, Page 44

Tigerius Falco: [soliloquy] “To follow orders or disobey them? A soldier’s dilemma.”

Tigerius Falco: [soliloquy, continued] “If I follow my heart and save Shashara and the town, I must go against the orders of my commander. That will mean my execution.”

Tigerius Falco: [soliloquy, continued] “If I follow my orders, like the Imperial soldier that I am, it will mean the loss of Shashara. Shashara’s regard and love mean the world to me. But my honor as a soldier is also pretty important.”

Tigerius Falco: [soliloquy, continued] “Yet where was Julius Cruilius’s honor when he importuned the lovely Shashara? Is it more honorable to reject the commander’s orders, since they in no way benefit the Empire?”

Tigerius Falco: [soliloquy, continued] “My head hurts.”

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