Dwarven Crown Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Elberon Blackthorn

Librarian Note:

Book added by Forgotten Seasons from the Creation Club

One of the curiosities the mercs uncovered during their excavation was an ornate Dwarven headpiece, which I quickly deduced to be a crown.

As leader of this expedition, the responsibility of wearing said crown naturally fell to me. However, upon adorning it, I noticed the piece was incomplete.

According to legend, the crown’s boon was said to turn with the seasons, as if it were guided by the moon and stars. However, it seems the enchantments are actually tied not to the crown itself, but the masks that slot into its facing.

If memory serves me correctly, there are three masks in total. Spring, Autumn, and Winter. What became of the Summer mask, I do not know, but perhaps the Mid Year heat made it too unbearable to wear.

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