Drakeeh the Unchained’s Journal, Page 17

Author: Drakeeh the Unchained

It is not often that someone escapes us. Within the Blackguards, there is loyalty and there is death. So when someone manages to slip from my grasp, I tend not to forget.

He calls himself Seeks-the-Dark now, but I knew him to be Pimaxi-Taeed. Once he was egg-brother, warrior, Blackguard. Now he hides away in a den of thieves. Why he chose to return to Murkmire, I do not know. But I will make sure that he regrets such a decision, most adamantly.

I had planned to force him to fight within my gauntlet. I relished in the idea of seeing him die before me, battered and broken. But when my scouts told me that his companion was seen lurking about my fortress, I knew what must be done.

Though watching Pimaxi-Taeed die a slow, agonizing death would be satisfying, I feel that he and this Wood Elf must share a bond. So first, I will kill his heart. I will watch as the misery wells up within his eyes, knowing that he caused the death of one who obviously cares so deeply for him.

Death can come later. For now, I will write a letter and offer the Wood Elf a choice. Only then can my revenge be complete.

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