Fallout Shelter Crossover: Dragon’s Biography

Character Description

Librarian Note:

This information appears when clicking the on the picture when examining the Dragon character.

The history of the Blades Hero can be traced back to the second era of the Septim Dynasty. They are the eyes and ears of Emperor Tamriel, dedicated to protecting the dragon heir’s emperor. After the battle of the 4th era, the members of the Blades were almost wiped out by the Thalmorians. The surviving Blade Warriors have change their name. They have returned to their burned down homeland, and attempted to rebuild their lives.


First Glimpse

The first dragon soul brought the consciousness of the Ancient Fire Dragon to an ancient cave, an area that seemed to be deep in the earth. A noisy cacophony came to its ears and awakened the ancient memory, a natural attraction guided its consciousness to enter the deeper cave with this memory. Perhaps because the memory carrier did not experience the environment at that time, so something strange that didn’t match the era appeared here. 

(Ancient Voice): Hei Dir Bruniik Rek-Grohiik Ulfeidr Kriid Muz ahrk SunVaaR Bruniik kiNbok SahQon Tah

Dragon: “Ow-wooo”! Hoo-hoo! ! !

(Ancient Voice): Wo Vaat Mir Wah Jun Do KeiZaal ahRk Dri Ko Sadon GrAVuu

Dragon: Hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo-hoo!

Awake Again

The second dragon soul followed. It’s still in the cave, but something’s different, it’s the biological air that is thicker and nearby noises greater, amid which there are some talking sounds that seem to be calling the ancient dragon with eagerness and excitement.

(Ancient Voice): QETHSEGOL VahRukIV Vur DO Faal Vahlok Nonvul aar SE Dovah WEN DEZ LOST Wah Qahnaar TahRodiis Miraak

Dragon: Hoo? Hoo-hoo?

Blades Hero: Great dragon, we need you! The outside world needs you! Please wake up! Please wake up! We will serve you in life and in death as long as you are willing to wake up.

Dragon: Hoo? ? ?

Blades hero: We hope that the strange items in this cave will not disturb you, we were always waiting for you to wake up.

Dragon: “Ow-wooo”!!

Curse Never Ends

The third dragon soul woke up with mania and disgust. It’s different this time, it’s in a grave but a cave. It is unknown whether the owner of this memory is in its own grave or was buried as a sacrifice in someone else’s. There is a disgusting sound of bones rubbing against the ground in the distance, the disgust in head becomes more apparent with these noises.

(Ancient Voice): HET NOK Faal VahLOK WO KRON POGaas Moro FahOK UNSlaad MID Rok aav DILON Voth Lot ZIN

Dragon: Uh-ho! “Ow-wooo”! ! ! !

Blades Hero: Dragon! Please help us! We will provide offerings to you. Please help us in wiping out these treacherous people. Kill them!

Dragon: “Ow-wooo”! “Ow-wooo”! ! !

Magic Recovery

The fourth dragon soul seemed to be awakened by some attractive force which might be the magic scent. The magic fluctuation is very attractive to a dragon born with a sense of magic. It’s time to go out and see what the world is now.

(Ancient Voice): HET NOK Faal YNGNAVAR Gaaf-Kodaav Wo Drey Yah Moro Nau FROD DO KROSIS NUZ SINON Siiv Dinok ahrk DUkaaN

Dragon: Hoo? “Ow-wooo”!

(Ancient Voice): Nir HET Mah FaaSNu Ronaan UNDveld aaR KRiiD GROHiik ahRK DROG DO LOT nir

Dragon: “Ow-wooo”!

Blades hero: As you wish.

New Realm

The last dragon soul is the Ancient Fire Dragon’s own memory, an awakening after being far away from its homeland. It can’t search from the ancient legacy to the relevant memories about strange humans, strange environments, and strange creatures. But more than the anxiety of ignorance, it is more anxious that this slumber may be too long, as it is now very very hungry! 

Saashi: You’re awake. Khajiit can’t believe seeing such a friendly dragon.

Blades Hero: The kitty was right. It surprising that the dragon didn’t wake up angry.

Dragon: “Ow-wooo”! Hoo?

Saashi: Let Khajiit usher you out! This is a new world! We’d better help each other as we are both foreigners.

Blades Hero (Whispering): We continued to pass on your legacy. I will still keep the promise of my ancestors, even if it’s only me here.

(Ancient Voice): NONVUL BRON MahFAERaak DahMaan Sahrot VahlOK WEN LOT ahKRIN SHaaN Ney Muz ahKRIN Shaan NEY NUZ ahRK Dovah


With a new world and new companions, it decided not to follow the old memories.. The way it lives in the new world is up to itself.

Trinket Memory: Dragon Skull

Librarian Note:

This text appears when examining the Dragon Skull item.

The skull that hosts the dragon soul, carrying the memories and legacies of different dragon ancestors at different times. It is the best gift and memento left to the newborn dragons.

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