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Dragon Alphabet

Librarian Comment: 

Some characters look similar. A list of those characters can be found below.

Character Map:


The ancient alphabet of the Dragons appears in multiple places throughout TESV: Skyrim, most notably the ancient Nordic Word Walls that dot Skyrim’s landscape. The alphabet also appears in Dragon Language: Myth no More by Hela Thrice-Versed, on the Dragon Stone in Bleak Falls Barrow, and on the banners that hang throughout the halls of High Hrothgar.

“It [Dragon Script] did in fact appear as if the ancient Nords had copied the language of the dragons of old, for the characters of that language very much resemble claw marks, or scratches. One can almost envision a majestic dragon using his great, sharp talons to carve the symbols into the stone itself. And a human witness - possibly even a thrall or servant - learning, observering, so that he too could use the language for his own ends.”

-Hela Thrice-Versed, Dragon Language: Myth No More

Symbols that look similar:
I, S and Z;
V, EI and AA;
A and Q;
C and EY;
D and R.

When using “Dragon Font”, typing in numbers translates to the following special symbols on the character map.
Typing in “0”, however, results in an unknown symbol to appear. For some reason the developers assigned “0” a symbol, but never gave that symbol a translation.

Examples of Use:

[Translated by Tailin Sero. The Dragon Stone from Bleak Falls Barrow. Once translated, it reads "Here lie our fallen Lords until power of Alduin revive".]

[Translated by Tailin Sero. The banners that hang at High Hrothgar. Once translated the first banner says, "Voice (the voice) Tuum". Tuum is not a known dragon word. It was probably made from a random selection of symbols or it is simply a typo. Once translated the second banner reads, "Sky, Flight (to fly)". These are most likely Words of Power.]