Curative Batch Fifteen

Author (in-game): Nostrum Breva

This batch of the curative was so close to perfect. Unfortunately, it was a tad too effective. The afflicted turned into violent husks far more quickly than we had hoped for at this point in the process. Perhaps this particular mixture will be useful later, when we need a quick influx of undead soldiers, but for now this batch won’t suffice.

An interesting side effect of this version of the curative concerns the level of aggressiveness demonstrated by the newly created husks. They turn immediately violent and consider everything that moves to be an enemy. Or food.

These husks also demonstrated a total disregard for the husk scent we apply when working in close proximity to them. They attacked our workers as soon as they saw them, indicating that the scent no longer masks us from husks created with this version of the curative.

Let’s increase the cooking time by one hour and decrease the amount of wolf bile by twenty-five percent.

—Nostrum Breva

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