Crafting Motif 90: Thorn Legion Style

Author (in-game): Lendantare

By Lendantare, Outfitter Extraordinaire

To the majestic and most gracious Lady Thorn of Western Skyrim—

This letter serves as formal notice that my contract with you is now complete and that I have fully delivered the requested items. I speak truly when I say that your hospitality exceeds that of most kings and queens that I’ve served. Your servants have shown more courtesy than I expected from those with their nature. It is quite the shame we could not meet in person. I hope you’ll allow me to boast that this may be my finest work yet.

As I entered the glorious Castle Thorn for the first time, I noticed the abundance of bats that lined the rafters and walls. At first, I believed they watched me, but I quickly dismissed such a silly notion. Since they appear to be a favorite pet of yours, I fashioned your new axes to resemble the noble creatures.

In these cold climes, keeping your clothes tight can help maintain the body’s heat. I designed the belts to wrap your servants so well they shall barely feel the bite of frost yet will stay as comfortable as a satin nightgown.

Your servants informed me that your many guards shall soon begin a long march into the Reach. Seems like quite an adventure! Such a trek requires the best foot comfort possible. Fox fur shall keep the toes of those fine soldiers warm and relaxed no matter how far they go.

Traditionally the trickiest item for me to design, as making a unique bow often interferes with its function. Luckily, your very name provided some inspiration. Sharp, sleek edges added to the curves of the bow offer an attractive yet quite dangerous appearance. Much like I imagine the Lady herself must appear.

I must have worn a unique cologne on the day that I measured your guards for these pieces.
Several of them audibly sniffed me as I approached. When I asked one gentleman, he smiled and merely said I smelled delicious. Hopefully, the lightweight metal plating across the chest and delicate fur lining offers enough comfort to reward your man for his compliment!

Many see daggers as simple, utilitarian items. I disagree. They are sly, secretive weapons that hide until the very moment when they strike! Although I added a stylized pommel that matches the edge of your family name, the sleek blade maintains the weapon’s secretive nature.

Winter gloves must always strike a balance between warmth and flexibility. The thicker materials will keep the heat through the hand but will impede finer movements needed for combat. I believe I found the right balance in these which will keep your soldiers’ blood flowing even within the snow.

Taking inspiration from the Nords and Reachfolk of the region, I designed these hoods to increase protection against the cold wind and weapon attacks alike. The thick padding resists impacts up to a high threshold. And you’ll find the face coverings preserve the sense of mystery that I gather you enjoy.

Unlike other lesser craftsmen, I know the importance of the legs. Some take them for granted as the meatiest portion of the body, but I see that without proper protection a lucky shot to the knee can easily cripple a fighter. My designs call for strong armor at the joints as well as thick defensive padding. And I cleverly textured the padding for increased flexibility, so they never impair mobility.

Although intended mainly for bashing, I experimented here with a pointed design that should puncture and grip the target on contact. This mace’s “”bite””, as I call it, will tear off armor or flesh that it makes contact with. Perhaps too gruesome for some, but you did not contract me to create gentle weaponry.

While drawing up some ideas for these shields, I asked your porter for information on your family line so I might incorporate a crest. He chuckled softly and replied that no such crest existed. But he added if one were to exist, he imagined they would be a massive pair of wings. I assumed he referred to your affection for bats.

Such a regal lady as yourself would prefer the soldiers representing her to display the same nobility. I believe the shoulders to be the noblest part of the body. The shape of these pauldrons increases the size and majesty of the wearer’s silhouette. Embossed on each piece is a repeating thorn pattern to honor your name.

As your forces wield magic to defend their lady, your enemies should feel fear from the sight of the source of that magic. The very staves themselves appear dark and imposing, repeating the same bat motif used elsewhere in the armor. None shall question what grand ruler commands your soldiers.

The most common and visible weapon of your guardsmen should also be the most visibly associate with their leader. I designed the sleek blade to reflect your own elegance, while again representing the bats you love on the pommel. Simple and timeless design—all should know it represents you.

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