Crafting Motif 117: Firesong Style

Author (in-game): Battle Crafter Bachard

The declarations of Battle Crafter Bachard

Lo! I am Maxilien Bachard, War Provisioner to Archdruid Michiel of the Firesong sect. Hear now the words of the Battle Crafter!

Of the tripartite circles that comprise the druids of High Isle, the Firesong is the oldest and mightiest!! We are the heirs to greatness, the true leaders of the Draoife, and the keepers of the secrets of our path. We listen to the grinding melodies of the great holy mountain and understand its desires. We are the Chimera—many-headed, always attacking, always watchful, always wary. We know that, like the volcano’s flames, we will rise. We were the true followers the Last Druid King and will be the strong right arm of the next!

We prepare for our day with volcanic hammers and obsidian tools, with pelts of the wild beasts and with armor forged in the heart of Mount Firesong. Let us continue to fill our secret armories for that day when we may return the isles to their greatness and live once more as Free Bretons!

“”Strike hard and cut deep”” claim the foresters of Galen who thin the underbrush and preserve the straightest of trees. Heavy-headed and bound by heavy leather straps, the axes of the druids embody that philosophy. Carved from volcanic rock with pieces of skarn attached to the poll, the axe can damage on its backstroke as well as the initial hack.

“”Stand fast in deep waters”” say our free-ranging scouts. These ornate belts, sashes, and girdles are woven from cloth and cables of steel to offer protection to the midsection while permitting the flexibility to move quickly in battle and to support the leg greaves.

“”Good boots are better than good swords”” say the mountain warriors, and they are correct. Thick-soled and supple, the boots fashioned for the Firesong sect are made of treated wamasu skin held with splinters of volcanic glass. A good set can last years, while lesser boots will have split and worn thin on the basalt wastelands.

“”An arrow in flight is the safest greeting,”” is a saying of the guardians of our lands, and we make the bows to deliver that message to unwary trespassers. The rise and tips of the Firesong bows are ornately carved, the arrows are fletched with gryphon feathers, and the quiver decorated with shards of skarn.

“”Protect your heart as you would protect your home!”” Our armors are thick and resilient, fitted with plates of strengthened skarn beneath their leather coverings. The craft is exact—any blow against them are distributed outward through the armor itself and leave the wearer unscathed.

Give me your attention! A simple blade in the correct hands is as deadly as the most powerful greatsword. Fashioned of the living skarn harvested from Mount Firesong, these dark glass blades slice with unerring accuracy, and cut through armor to the flesh beneath!

Our gloves are not soft velvet things, but rather made of heavy leather of the wildest creatures and iron hewn from the unyielding earth. “”Adorned with the living mountain itself,”” these gloves are a second skin, protective and effective against our foes, and join druid with weapon to form a deadly unity.

“”We are the Chimera, the guardians of the Druid King!”” Our helms proclaim that allegiance, fashioned after the great creatures that make up this marvelous beast! The powerful lion, the swift gryphon, and the stealthy wamasu – each holds their own power, and together they cannot be defeated!

“”Improper greaves create long-term grief”” is the joke among armorers, and truly properly fitted leggings are a blessing to any who must move through the underbrush, whether hunting man or beast. In the colder reaches, they are lined with fur to provide additional warmth.

The heads of these weapons of crafted from volcanic rock and shod with the shards of skarn taken from the holy mountain itself. The spurs on these shards whistle with every attack. “”Let your blows fall with finality,”” and all our foes shatter before its might!

Fashioned of overlaid plates of light volcanic glass and covered with thin layers of steel, our beast-faced shields protect their bearers and form a secure wall against their foes. “”Let the beasts lead the path into combat,”” as they say. And protect our warriors as the Chimera protects the Druid King!

Lo! “”Protect the weak points”” is elementary strategy, and the Firesong sect are masters of that strategy. Overlapping layers of volcanic stone provide both protection and its skarn spikes allow the attacker push through their softer opposition, brushing all away all who stand against them.

“”The eyes of the Gryphon hold endless fury!””, or so the saying goes. The staffs of the druids of Galen are the finest in Tamriel, and they allow us to harness mystic power beyond the ken of mere mortals! Their heads are carved with the emblem of the ever-watchful gryphon, and their hafts guide elemental ferocity against our foes.

“”A sharp blade is a gift from Y’ffre himself!”” They are not forged, but rather are flint-knapped from the living heart of Mount Firesong and bear our god’s blessing. Their jagged edges are sharper than steel and leave ragged wounds in those who dare oppose us.”

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