Chronicles of Juha-ri, Chapter 2

ASSURANCE IS MADE TO CHILDREN OF THE BEYOND, whom the Riddle’thar knew to be coiled in flesh, that in the presence of the holy and triumphant soul will the path to dreaming be known.

He was a young one no longer. Years as acolyte to the Sage of White Sand had left a mark upon his corporeal self: a face that knew the vitality of youth was sunken. Fur was matted and coarse without its daily oiling. But the acolyte’s eyes showed something of Juha-ri’s wisdom, though it was muted by the hunger of the acolyte’s remaining worldliness.

The Sage of White Sand offered instruction as the soul of his acolyte formed into its needed a shape that could heed the wisdom. Together they would experience moonlight in its distilled form, and walk paths that took strange angles through places tangential to dreams, but never dreaming. Juha-ri took care that his Acolyte see only the reflection of the Lunar Lattice off his eyes, for the Sage of White Sand had known too many that gazed on the glory and horror and went mad.

But even the reflection of the Lattice in the eyes of the Sage of White Sands was enough for the acolyte. In its myriad contortions and rhythms was found the bastion of existence such that could not be found elsewhere.

They returned to the temple, bodies caked in sweat, mouths tasting of lingering sweetness. The acolyte turned to Juha-ri, Sage of White Sand, and asked how the Dance of Shadows could impact the enormity of the Lattice.

Because they are the same size, came Juha-ri’s reply. Because they are the same size.

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