TESL Battlespire: The Chimera of Desolation

Released In:

At the end of the fourth part, I went through a teleporter which took me to the realm known as the Chimera of Desolation.

I found myself on the southwestern end of a large island, on a small dock with a boat. There were two notes and a Dark Seducer in front of me. One of the notes was a letter from the Dremora and the other one was a letter from the old man living on the island. I spoke with the Dark Seducer.

Dark Seducer 1: Listen, mortal, and listen well. Here are your masters and here is your hell.
The Wild Hunt begins this day. We are the hunters and you are the prey.
But we shall grant a sporting chance to 'scape your death by Huntsman's lance.

Sinder Velvin: That's big of you.

Dark Seducer 1: Six keys we've hid upon this isle. Find them all, and flee this isle.
But find them not or halt with doubt, and Dogs will Drag to flush you out.
Hounds will Chase to feed their fill, then Huntsman calls me to View his kill.
From the Drag to the Chase to the Call to the View, the Victor I see becomes Huntsman anew.

Sinder Velvin: So it's a game we play? And what, pray, are the rules?

Dark Seducer 1: Hark, mortal, the Innocent Hare. The Hunt is up, and the Game is afoot. Flee for your life, you miserable wretch.

Sinder Velvin: I will flee forthwith, but I demand as my right a reading of the rules.

Dark Seducer 1: Seek about the island. In accordance with the Law, the Offices are posted.

Sinder Velvin: And that would be the letter of the Law, I'm sure. Very well. Indeed, the Game is afoot, so catch me if you can. Only be very sure you know what to do with me if you DO catch me.

I started walking around the island, soon entering an abandoned village called Trybador with quarantine warnings on the doors of most of the buildings. I encountered a Frost Daedroth there.

Frost Daedroth 3: We are the Lesser Dogs. We Drag the land to flush out the Hare, in accordance with the Laws of the Wild Hunt. While those jerk Fire Daedra get to be the Greater Dogs. Oh. It makes me so mad I could burst!

Sinder Velvin: Isn't that just the way? Some guys do all the real work, and other guys steal the credit? I makes me so sick I could puke.

Frost Daedroth 3: We would be FAR better Greater Hounds than the Damned Fire Daedra, but THEY have greater status with Mehrunes Dagon now. Harumph! It is not properly LAWFUL! It is not lawful that we Frost Daedra pay the price alone! It is not lawful that our master Xivilai Moath needs must drop in status over the failed siege of the Shade Perilous! Faydra Shardai gave the orders, and WE get punished for carrying them out! Now the Fire Daedra get to become the Chase, and we are nothing but the Drag! Oh, the INJUSTICE!

Sinder Velvin: That's terrible! How unjust! How unlawful! Extra double super unlawful.

Frost Daedroth 3: Yes! Yes! You understand! You know that this is not lawful! The Fire Daedra should have to be the Drag as well as us! They should be punished too, and not just us!

Sinder Velvin: Puh-LEEZE quit the whining. I know you got a raw deal, but do you have to be such babies about it? Why don't you go kick some Fire Daedra butt?

Some sympathy, but not too much!

Frost Daedroth 3: Human FOOL! That would be unlawful. To fall upon one another like animals? In the middle of the Sacred Hunt? Have you no shame?

Sinder Velvin: Sorry. You're right, of course. What COULD I have been thinking? But doesn't it just burn your buns that the Fire Daedra are placed over you in the Hunt, and that you get punished for THEIR faults?

Frost Daedroth 3: Yes! It's all their fault! You know it is their fault! You were there! You saw it!

Sinder Velvin: Yep. I know it and you know it. Too bad Dagon doesn't know it.

Frost Daedroth 3: Mortal! You must tell what you know!

Sinder Velvin: To whom?

Frost Daedroth 3: Say what you know in front of the Dark Seducer. That will send the facts directly to Dagon, for she is the Dagon's spy in the realms of- Aaaargh! You must forget what I said! I must kill you now!

Sinder Velvin: Hold on, buckaroo. I don't care if you ARE evil fiends from the bowels of the Pit. I can't stand by and see such an UNLAWFUL INJUSTICE done. Even to you pitiful whiners. So. Keep your icy blasts to yourself for a bit, and I'll go tell the Dark Seducer what I know. Okay?

Frost Daedroth 3: You can? You will? Thank you, manling. You are a creature of Lawful honor.

Sinder Velvin: But first you'll tell me the rules to this Damned Hunt. I mean, it's only LAWFUL, isn't it?

Frost Daedroth 3: Oh. Well. Of course. Most lawful. In accordance with the Law, the Hunt is posted near the ancient stones and before the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry. And the Master of the Hunt -- The nasty winged woman with the really big -- You know -- The floppy things -- Wings! -- By the Law, she must tell the Hare the rules.

Sinder Velvin: So. These Huntsmen? Isn't this Wild Hunt stuff dangerous?

Frost Daedroth 3: Oh, no, mortal. Only the Dogs may take hurt in the Hunt. The Law of the Hunt protects the Huntsmen and Master of the Hunt from all mortal weapons. That is the Law.

Sinder Velvin: And extra super Lawful it is, I'm sure. Well, couldn't they get accidentally poked with those weird spears they carry?

Frost Daedroth 3: Oh. Well. I think. Maybe. Yes. No.

Sinder Velvin: I think that covers all the cases quite nicely. Well, thanks. And one more thing. I'd like to go view the architectural triumphs of the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry. You know. Don't get round here every day. Know how to get in?

Frost Daedroth 3: We do not know! The great Sigil blocks the door, and we can't get in. Only the Greater Hounds and the Huntsmen are allowed in the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry. It is so unjust that we be locked out of the Chapel! Unlawful!

Sinder Velvin: Ah, yes. As you said, about a billion times, it is unlawful. Well. A lovely chat. Now I suppose we should get back to chasing around and kicking the daylights out of one another. Ready? Let's go.

I defeated it, found a document about the Wild Hunt among its remains and then spoke with a Fire Daedroth.

Fire Daedroth 3: We are the Greater Hounds. We chase the Hare, in accordance with the Laws of the Wild Hunt. And, manling, for what you did to us in Shade Perilous, we will repay you ten times over.

Sinder Velvin: I know all about it. You only got that honor because the Frost Daedra got the blame for the Shade Perilous debacle.

Fire Daedroth 3: How do you know this? What do you know of the counsels of Lord Dagon?

Sinder Velvin: I have my sources. Not all of your clan enjoys the confidence of Lord Dagon. And there are always ambitious, clever Daedra eager to trade words and favors.

Fire Daedroth 3: Foolish mortal! I am not interested in your little tales and tattles.

Sinder Velvin: Perhaps the winged woman, the Dark Seducer, might be a more gracious audience for my account of your faction's embarrassing lapses in judgement and execution at Shade Perilous.

Fire Daedroth 3: Hmm. It would not perhaps be in your best interests to speak to the Dark Seducer about this.

Sinder Velvin: Speak to me more about my best interests.

Fire Daedroth 3: Your price, mortal. What do you want?

Sinder Velvin: An end to the Hunt?

Fire Daedroth 3: We cannot end the Hunt, and would not if we could.

Sinder Velvin: A way to kill the Huntsmen?

Fire Daedroth 3: The Huntsmen cannot be killed, fool. They are protected by the ritual from all mortal weapons. We can and will tell you that only the Huntsman Egahirn will take your life today on these grounds. His kinsmen have chosen to stay their blows, thus assuring that Egahirn shall strike the killing blow. Though all Huntsmen are protected by the ritual, only one, Egahirn, hunts in earnest.

Sinder Velvin: But such a tidbit is hardly worth my silence. Have you anything else to offer? Tell me how to get into the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry?

Fire Daedroth 3: Perhaps. If you will tell the Dark Seducer that the Xivilai Moath and the Frost Daedra were at fault at the Shade Perilous, and not us?

Sinder Velvin: That is another matter. And hardly the truth. But. I agree.

Fire Daedroth 3: Very well. Only we, the Great Hounds, the Fire Daedra, carry the amulet that grants passage beyond the warding sigil. And none of us would give you an amulet, or permit you to take one. So resign yourself, mortal.

Sinder Velvin: So. You have the necessary amulet. What a pity. Goodbye.

I defeated the Fire Daedroth and found a note among its remains. I went to the Dark Seducer.

Dark Seducer 1: Do you savor the sweet pain of the Hunt, mortal?

Sinder Velvin: A little chunk of ice told me to tell you that Faydra Shardai, not Xivilai Moath, was the architect of the plan to invest and plunder Shade Perilous.

Dark Seducer 1: If you think that my master or I care about any such squabbles, you are denser than the Frost Daedra. Such favors and punishments are but means to keep our allies in line.

Sinder Velvin: I told the chunk of ice I'd report to you, and I live by my word.

Note: I live by my word when it suits me...

Dark Seducer 1: I've heard that mortals are a short-lived race, too short-lived to acquire wisdom. Let us put this proposition to the test. Perhaps first a lesson on showing proper respect is in order.

Sinder Velvin: Oh. Thank you. How nice of you. I'll be leaving, then.

It seemed like it was going to attack me, but it left (It just... Disappeared.). I started walking around the island again. It didn't take long to find another Frost Daedroth. I decided to be meaner this time around.

Frost Daedroth 4: We are the Lesser Dogs. We Drag the land to flush out the Hare, in accordance with the Laws of the Wild Hunt.

Sinder Velvin: Are you insinuating that I am a Bunny Rabbit?

Frost Daedroth 4: Grr. We will take special delight in destroying you, mortal! It was YOU who brought down the wrath of the Nocturnals upon our kinsmen! Because of you, all Frost Daedra have been punished for the siege of the Shade Perilous! Because of you, even Frost Daedra who took no part in the siege are lowered in status. We are no longer equals to our kinsmen, the Fire Daedra! The Fire Daedra get to be the GREATER HOUNDS, but we must be the LESSER DOGS.

Sinder Velvin: I'm SO sorry. Does that mean even greater disgrace when I zip through the gates out of here and leave you poor puppies barking in the fog?

Frost Daedroth 4: No way! You. Never. Look. The only way out is through the Temple of Daedric Rites.

Sinder Velvin: Well, I can see where YOU might think that was a big deal, but it's small potatoes to a manling hero like myself.

Frost Daedroth 4: No way! Never. You can't even get INTO Granvellusa with the drawbridge up, and even if you could, you need the six keys.

Sinder Velvin: Come on. I know where the six keys are. That's no big secret.

Frost Daedroth 4: No. WAY! Who told you?

Sinder Velvin: You're not going to trick ME into turning informer! It's not THEIR fault! You know what stupid blabbermouths the Fire Daedra are. No one in their right mind would EVER tell a secret to those Clowns.

Frost Daedroth 4: But. But. But. They told you EVERYTHING?

Sinder Velvin: What do you think?

Frost Daedroth 4: About Huntsman Egahirn taking the sixth key, even though it's against the Law?

Sinder Velvin: Oh, I know it is hard to believe that even the FIRE Daedra could be stupid enough to blab ALL those secrets. But you saw what happened in Shade Perilous. Oh. Sorry. Didn't mean to rub it in. And it wasn't YOUR fault, after all. Oh. Gosh. How the time flies. Got to be going. See you later.

Next, I talked to another Fire Daedroth.

Fire Daedroth 4: We are the Greater Hounds. We chase the Hare, in accordance with the Laws of the Wild Hunt. And, manling, for what you did to us in Shade Perilous, we will repay you ten times over.

Sinder Velvin: Look, Smoky. I know you are just doing your job, but you know the Law. It won't matter WHO breaks the Laws of the Wild Hunt. ALL of you bear the stain of dishonor.

Fire Daedroth 4: What? We know the Law. No one has broken the Law.

Sinder Velvin: Oh, dear. I see. You didn't know. But Egahirn holds the sixth key, which is, of course, against the Law.

Fire Daedroth 4: What? Wait! How is it that you, mortal, know the Law?

Sinder Velvin: Oh, come now. Did you think that if I didn't know the Law, that it had not been broken? Did they TELL you that? How can you be so naive?

Fire Daedroth 4: Manling. We care little for the Law. We care for our own glory! We wish to avenge our shame in Shade Perilous. We want YOU dead. We have been TOLD to spare you for Egahirn's Spear, but we care nothing for Egahirn, or for his glory. If Egahirn is forsworn of his oath, then he gains neither power nor glory for his kill - But we don't care. All we care about is the kill. We will see you dead. That is reward enough for us.

Sinder Velvin: Hmm. In short, it's you, or me. No mercy. So be it. Goodbye.

After I kicked its spotted owl, I talked to a Herne.

Herne 1: Hello, little hare. I am a Huntsman. I hunt you in accordance with the laws of the Wild Hunt. How do you like our hunt?

Sinder Velvin: What a complete and total bore. Stop it right now. Lost its entertainment value ages ago. So just stop it.

Herne 1: The Wild Hunt cannot end until the sacred Spear of Bitter Mercy takes the life of the prey, and the victor Calls the Dark Seducer to View the kill. All must be done in accord with the Law. So, you see, we are not quite finished yet.

Sinder Velvin: By the way, why aren't YOU attacking me?

Herne 1: I see no reason to not tell you, since you are mere moments from death. We desire that our younger Oathkinsman Egahirn collect the kill. We left our Spears sealed away, so that we are not tempted to kill you in the excitement of the chase.

Sinder Velvin: So, you won't kill me?

Herne 1: Well, we'll TRY not to kill you. It would be a waste. But you are such fragile vessels, and sometimes we get excited. When provoked. When the chase is hot.

Actually, they're all rather aggresive...

Sinder Velvin: Where'd you leave your Spear?

Herne 1: Wouldn't you like to know?

Sinder Velvin: Why are you doing this?

Herne 1: Why? To gain power from the rich magica currents around this isle. The Hunt is but a means to that end, and your death merely a fortunate byproduct.

Sinder Velvin: Where are the keys that allow me to escape?

Herne 1: Ho, ho! I will never tell you. They are hidden in strict keeping with the Law of the Wild Hunt.

Sinder Velvin: Right. In strict keeping with the Law, eh? Egahirn has the sixth key tucked inside his invulnerable little trousers, and you call that "in strict keeping with the Law"? You should be ashamed.

Herne 1: You amaze me, mortal. How did you find that out?

Sinder Velvin: Now how am I suppose to get a key from an invulnerable Huntsman? That's hardly sporting.

Herne 1: I have followed the Law of the Hunt to the letter, mortal! Else the Hunt would be over before it started.

Sinder Velvin: You may have observed the LETTER of the Law, but perverted its SPIRIT.

Herne 1: You amuse me, mortal. MOST gratifying. To dispute the Law with the Hare. Hah. I shall feast free forever on the charm of this tale. I thank you, Hare, and promise that you shall be immortalized in my glorious account of this Hunt. But, now I fear our chat is over, for the Hunt must continue. Run well, little Hare, and give us good sport.

Sinder Velvin: Always good to be appreciated, milord. And rest assured, Huntsman, that you'll not lack for surprises from your little Hare, though some may be very much less to your liking.

I just avoided it and explored the island.

I found the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry after a while. Inside were a gatekey, an inscription about the Spear of Bitter Mercy, a letter and a Spear case (I didn't take the Spear Case.).

I found other documents on the rest of the island: excerpts from the Posting of the Hunt on trees, notes left by Chimere next to pieces of armor, one of Chimere's journals, which I found in a Crypt, and a "ritual of making for the Grand and Thaumaturgical and Most Puissant Trebuchet of Overarching Peril", which I found in an underground tower.

After a while of fighting Daedra, I found Chimere's house. I went inside and spoke with the old man.

Chimere Graegyn: Yiiiiii!

Sinder Velvin: Who are you? What are you doing here?

He creaked and groaned like he hadn't talked in two hundred years.

Chimere Graegyn: Er... Uh...

Sinder Velvin: Have a tongue, old man. Speak.

Chimere Graegyn: Errr... Er... Keep ye back!

Sinder Velvin: Ah, so you CAN speak. Come one. I'm in a hurry, old man.

Chimere Graegyn: Keep ye back! I am a powerful Conjuror! I can destroy the most powerful of Godlings with but a word! One more step and I will consign thee to Oblivion!

Sinder Velvin: Easy, old timer.

Chimere Graegyn: I warned ye! With but a gesture I invoke the power of the darkest... Urk... Can't move. Dang arfritis. KEEP YE BACK! Nice creature.

Sinder Velvin: I'm not a creature. Or nice, for that matter.

Chimere Graegyn: Errrrr! You howl so strangely. What manner of fell beast are ye? Some Demonling from the darkest pits? Some savage Animal bristling with claws and fur and fangs?

Sinder Velvin: You sure do go on and on and on and on, old man. I'm a Human! Manling. A Mortal from Tamriel. A stranger in this world.

Chimere Graegyn: Mayhap ye are a delusion of the mind. A bit of undigested pudding.

Sinder Velvin: Pudding? Do have some handy?

Chimere Graegyn: Egad! Ye speak! A trained mockery, parroting the exalted speech of humankind!

Sinder Velvin: As I was saying, for a very long time, it seems, I am a Human. Hyoo-man. Are you deaf, by chance?

Chimere Graegyn: Ye ARE human! I had nearly forgotten… From whence come ye, mortal? From the Northmoor mainland? Your face isn't familiar, and I know everyone on the island.

Sinder Velvin: Why, yes. Good old Wistful Vista. And how are things in YOUR town?

Chimere Graegyn: What a relief ye be human. Perhaps ye can be of assistance to old man Chimere. I have lost something, and I canna find it. With me arthritis, I canna go looking for what I have lost...

Sinder Velvin: I think you'd better answer some questions first, old man.

Chimere Graegyn: No! I must find it first...

Sinder Velvin: OK. What is are you looking for?

Chimere Graegyn: I've lost me... Me... Me THINGY!

Sinder Velvin: You've lost your MARBLES.

Chimere Graegyn: No. Not a thingy. Me spoon! I had a spoon once!

Sinder Velvin: You want me to find a SPOON? A spoon quest?

Chimere Graegyn: Yes. A spoon. I'm sure I have lost a... Spoon.

Sinder Velvin: Was it magic? Did it have special properties?

Chimere Graegyn: I loved that little spoon so... And now I know not what I have done with it.

Sinder Velvin: All right. If I see a spoon I'll bring it to you. Then we'll be GOOD friends and you'll tell me what I want to know. Or I'll strangle you.

Several hours later...

Chimere Graegyn: Yi! Oh. It's ye.

Sinder Velvin: I looked everywhere, and I can't find any spoon.

Chimere Graegyn: Spoon? What are you talking about? What do I want with a spoon?

Sinder Velvin: What? You asked me to find a spoon for you!

Chimere Graegyn: I had a CAT! Where is me Kit?

Sinder Velvin: What kind of cat?

Chimere Graegyn: Once I had a little Cat. No! Many Kits! I had FLOCKS of Kittens! Oh! You should see how they skitter! All over the town! Oh, they were my joy. What squeakings they would make!

Sinder Velvin: Speaking of this town, what is it? What's its name?

Chimere Graegyn: I canna answer such things until me Kits are restored to me!

Sinder Velvin: OK. I'll find your cats.

Several hours later...

Chimere Graegyn: Ye Gods! Oh, it be ye.

Sinder Velvin: Sorry. I can't find your Cats. Anywhere. Looked everywhere. High and low. No Cats. Period. Plenty of other nonsense. But not ONE DAMN CAT!

Chimere Graegyn: Cats? I have no Cats. I had some children. Have ye seen me children? Playful Scamps. Up to some mischief, no doubt, the Imps.

Sinder Velvin: No, I haven't seen any children.

Chimere Graegyn: I had a few children. One? Two? Thousand? I forget. I remember! About two thousand!

Sinder Velvin: Ah, yeah. I found 'em all. They're safe with their families now.

Chimere Graegyn: Ye lie! Sin-hearted blackguard! I should smite ye with but a gesture-- Ouch. Me arthritis.

Sinder Velvin: OK, OK. Sorry. There are thousands of children. Right outside the cottage. But -- THEY'RE NOT YOURS! HAH-HAH-HAH!

Chimere Graegyn: I do! I do!... I did... I did. They're gone now. Have ye seen them?

Sinder Velvin: Ah, sure. They're all outside having a good time -- WITH THE PIXIES AND THE FAIRIES!

Chimere Graegyn: There's no one? No one at all? My town! My people! All gone! Gone! I remember now! Curse me for a fool! I have destroyed them all!

Sinder Velvin: Who are you? And what for Stendarr's sake is going on here?

Chimere Graegyn: I am sorry. I have not been myself. Give me some time. As for your questions, look over there on the table for my journal. The story is there. Take your time. When you've finished, perhaps I'll be in better control.

Sinder Velvin: Good. I shall do as you suggest.

I read his journal.

Chimere Graegyn: Have you reviewed my journal?

Sinder Velvin: Yes.

Chimere Graegyn: Have you any other questions?

Sinder Velvin: Yes. How did you defeat Dagon?

Chimere Graegyn: I banished Dagon by invoking his protonymic.

Sinder Velvin: Oh. Good work. His what?

Chimere Graegyn: His protonymic. Like a mortal wizard's true name. The focus of incantory magics. The short hairs.

Sinder Velvin: I see. And what, pray tell, is Dagon's protonymic?

Chimere Graegyn: Oh, I'm sure it will do you no good. Since his reemergence from Oblivion, he has surely added a neonymic. To protect himself against me, and anyone else who gets his protonymic.

Sinder Velvin: Okay. A neonymic is, I suppose, a new protonymic. Right?

Chimere Graegyn: Close enough.

Sinder Velvin: So. Tell me his protonymic anyway. Just for laughs.

Chimere Graegyn: Lehkelogah.

Sinder Velvin: Bless you.

Chimere Graegyn: No. Lehkelogah. His protonymic was Lehkelogah. But surely that's now only half his incantory name. So you see, it does you no good. Even if you were close enough to him to invoke it in his presence.

Sinder Velvin: I need your help. If I can help you change -- Or end -- Your exile here, would you be willing to help me?

Chimere Graegyn: I will help you. All I know or own is yours for the asking. And the one possession I lack in this world is my life, and that is not a gift you can give. Perhaps only Dagon could grant such a gift. I suffer, from age and guilt. But not many mortals have bested Dagon. It's some compensation. I am lonely, yes. Perhaps a companion. Yes. But don't waste thought on it. Concentrate on your plight, and let me aid you.

Sinder Velvin: How do I get out of this place? CAN I get out of this place?

Chimere Graegyn: YOU can leave. I can't. The gate is in the Temple of the Daedric Rites, the great horned travesty in Granvellusa, the walled town. You need six keys to get into the Temple, but once inside, the path to the gate is open. I'm afraid I don't know where the keys are, but I've never looked for them, either. Not much point. For me.

Sinder Velvin: I read here in your journal about the Armor of the Savior's Hide. Can I borrow this armor?

Chimere Graegyn: Of course! You'll be wanting my Armour of the Saviour's Hide. When complete, it might even turn aside the menace of the Huntsman's Spear. Ages ago I scattered and hid the pieces around the island to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. I wish I could remember where I left them --

Sinder Velvin: You don't know where the armor is?

Chimere Graegyn: No. Sorry. I wasn't quite right in the head when I hid them. Things are very hazy from that time. Here. Wait a moment. I'll jot down everything I can remember. Take my notes, and look around the island. It's a small island, and not that many places for an old man to hide large pieces of armor.

He gave me his notes.

Sinder Velvin: Can a Huntsman's Spear wound the Huntsman?

Chimere Graegyn: What an odd question. And interesting. Yes. Certainly. But how would you survive the attacks of the Huntsman Spear? Even if you wear the Armor of the Savior's Hide, it is only REALLY effective against an oathbreaker.

Sinder Velvin: Hang on. Egahirn, the Huntsman. The Frost Daedra tell me he took the sixth key that opens the gate. That is against the Law, right? Doesn't Egahirn have to swear an oath or something to uphold the Law in order to be a Huntsman and use the Spear?

Chimere Graegyn: OF COURSE! My Armour of the Savior's Hide! It protects the wearer from attacks of an oathbreaker! If Egahirn is forsworn, the armor will protect you. Oh, that's too sweet. And better yet -- Think of THIS! Who MADE the Spear? Dagon FORGED the Spear for the Hunt. And it is Dagon's own power which makes the Spear's power so utterly terrible! And GUESS WHO IS A BIG FAT OATHBREAKER?! Hah, hah, hah! It's PERFECT!

Sinder Velvin: So. Wearing the Armour of the Savior's Hide will protect me from the attacks of the Huntsman? I bet I even get DOUBLE protection, since BOTH the Huntsman AND Dagon, the Spear maker, are oathbreakers! Sounds exactly perfect. But -- Are you sure? I mean -- This business about Dagon the oathbreaker? And the Spear using Dagon's power? And the armor? It would be really unpleasant for me if you were wrong.

Chimere Graegyn: OF COURSE I'm sure. Have I ever failed you before? Hah-hah-hah! It's PERFECT. You wear my armor. You can wield the Spear. YOU CAN KILL THE HUNTSMAN! Hah-hah-hah. I see the hands of the Gods in this! JUSTICE! Divine JUSTICE on Dagon! And you, youth, are clearly the GODS' TOOL! You cannot fail.

Sinder Velvin: You're scaring me, old man. But it's just crazy enough to work. Thanks for the tip. And goodbye.

I left his house.

Several dozen defeated tough Daedra later, I found and took four gatekeys (I had already found one earlier.) and the six pieces of the Armor of the Savior's Hide. I returned to Chimere.

Sinder Velvin: I have the Armor of the Savior's Hide -- All of it -- Helmet, pauldrons, cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, and boots.

Chimere Graegyn: Yes, of course. You have the armor.

Sinder Velvin: So now what?

Chimere Graegyn: So go get the Spear. It's in a case in the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry -- The green crystal monstrosity south of the waterfall. You can't open the case yourself, of course. Magical wards and seals galore. But bring it back to me, and I'll have it open in a jiffy. Then I'll check the Spear for traps, curses, that sort of thing -- Can't be too careful with Daedric sorcery. Then you take the Spear, and you're in business.

Sinder Velvin: Right. Get the case from the green crystal monstrosity and bring it back to you and you'll get the Spear out, make sure it's safe, and give it to me. Swell. Thanks. Goodbye.

I went and took the Spear case. I then returned to the old man.

Chimere Graegyn: GIVE ME THE CASE. Right. Just as I thought. Just like all Dagon's other little protection schemes -- Just a few tweaks -- A pinch -- A deft yank -- And -- Ta da! Open. Just like I told you. Okay. Take the Spear. Go ahead. Don't be shy. Everything is fine. I've checked it completely, you're perfectly safe -- THERE! I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! YOU'RE NOT EVEN A LITTLE DEAD. HAH-HAH-HAH! Still have the old touch. Right?! Right!?

Sinder Velvin: Phew. You're amazing, old man -- Ehr -- Your high wizardship. Okay. I have the Armor. I have the Spear. I'm the Man of the Hour. The Hare turns Hunter! Oh. Say. How does the Spear work?


Chimere Graegyn: The Spear? Oh. Yes. You use it. You know. Like. Grab hold and poke. Simple, really. Oh. And don't waste time poking anything but the Huntsman, actually. Cuts right through Huntsmen during a Hunt -- The ritual thing, you know -- But sharp as a butter knife on most Daedra.

Sinder Velvin: Grab hold and poke. Too easy, really.

Chimere Graegyn: Go out there, and make me proud of you. I'm sure you'll do just fine. Now. If you don't mind, I think it's time for my nap. A lot of excitement for an old man. But be sure to come back and tell me how everything works out.

Sinder Velvin: No sooner said than done. Goodbye, and thanks again. Sir.

I equipped the Armor of the Savior's Hide and the Spear of Bitter Mercy. I then went on top of the Granvellusa Barracks, where Egahirn was. I tried talking to him.

Egahirn: I am the Huntsman. I hunt you in accordance with the laws of the Wild Hunt. Tremble before your death!

Sinder Velvin: Look here. See? I have my own pretty Spear of the Bitter Mercy. Now. One last chance. Clear out, or you're smoke.

Egahirn: That thing? That wouldn't even fool a Scamp. Well. Perhaps. It does look remarkably like a real Spear. I salute you. A magnificent bluff. And it will make a good tale at the feast. But now, all good things must end, including you, my pretty little Hare.

Sinder Velvin: Mallethead. I wish you could comprehend your doom. It would make my triumph all the sweeter. But dumb stones do not comprehend. Goodbye, Huntsman.

After the cheating Huntsman went bye-bye, I went back to Chimere, to thank him, but he was asleep. I went and rang the bell in Trybador (No real point in doing it, actually, but I love irony.).

I then went to the Temple of the Daedric Rites in Granvellusa and from there to the Daedric Realm known as the Havok Wellhead.

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